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wacom gives digital artists hands-on experience - wacom

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-06
wacom gives digital artists hands-on experience  -  wacom
If you use graphics or images, the concept behind the Wacom Cintiq series seems to be negative
Brainer: combine the monitor with the pressure
Sensitive tablets so you can edit vector art directly, decorate images, paint, make video effects and more.
Yes, tablets are not for everyone.
If you are using a tablet now, you may find Cintiq more fluid and powerful.
But unless you have a generous business budget, the price will sting;
For example, Cintiq 12WX is about 50% more expensive than 6x8-
Inch Intuous3 plus a typical month-inch monitor.
The series has three sizes: 12. 1-
Inch 12WX, 20. 1-
Inch 20WSX, 21. 3-inch 21UX.
"W" in the product name means "widescreen ";
Compared to 4: 3 of 21ux, both 12WX and 20WSX have a aspect ratio of 16: 10.
I have to say I found the initial setup to be very frustrating and have the time --
Consumption, I firmly believe that I will hate Cintiq.
Of course, I have a messy cable.
Working space.
But behind the smooth gray face of 12wx is a bulky AC adapter brick and a relatively large distribution box.
There is no good place for any of this.
There's a pull on the display-
Extend the support in the lower half of it, allowing you to go from vertical to 25-
Angle to the desktop (
Or completely flat, plug the shelf in).
When it was the second--
Or the third one. -
Passive Display, it may be placed on the side of the main display, and when it is used as a tablet, you can pull it forward to the table in front of the main display or to your knees.
However, there is no cable management, so it takes annoying to move it back to the position on the side (
Potential danger in my office)
The cable is pushed to prevent the stand from leaning against the stand and tilt the display.
On the one hand, it works fine on the table in front of my huge CRT, although it needs to push the keyboard to the side and the keyboard shortcuts are within reach.
However, it doesn't work very well on my leg.
No ability to adjust the angle from the top (
Tilt to me)
, I couldn't find a comfortable location where I worked for more than a few minutes. In a multiple-
Monitor settings, you can program a button to jump the cursor from the current app to the desktop or from the current app to the app on another monitor.
When using another monitor, the Cintiq feature, like a tablet, supports all the features offered by the Intuos3 series, including pop-
Up menu, programmable switch on pen and customizable pressure sensitivity for pen and eraser.
Easy to configure buttons;
It's hard to remember what you program.
For quick reference, I usually have to open the tablet properties dialog on another monitor.
Also, I have to disable the Touch Bar on the right (I'm right-handed);
It turns out that it is impossible to stop it from brushing its teeth, leading to unwanted actions.
One common misconception about Cintiq is that it is, to some extent, a smaller tablet because it has dual duties as a monitor. That's untrue.
12WX Intuos3 based on Wacom's latest tablet technology, its 5,080-line-per-
Inch resolution and 10-bit (1,024 levels)
Pressure sensitive.
It supports the same wireless pen group: a standard grip is bundled together, and an optional 6D Art Pen ($69. 95), Airbrush ($99. 95)
And the classic pen ($49. 95).
It doesn't support the Wacom mouse, although I can't see any reason why it should support it.
In practice, it certainly feels the same way as using the Intuos3 tablet ---
Better yet, once you consider the more natural feeling of working directly on the display, especially with a brush.
I have a complicated feeling about 12WX as a monitor.
On the one hand, when you don't have much desktop space and live full time in a graphics app, the device itself is the perfect size.
However, the screen is too small;
To provide a larger area of activity, I prefer the 4: 3 aspect ratio and smaller buttons.
For example, it takes too much zoom to create a mask in Photoshop.
I also found it too difficult to operate interface items along the edge of the screen, such as scroll bars and zoom popups
On the status bar of Photoshop.
Still, I really enjoyed working with Cintiq 12WX and I would regret seeing it disappear.
There is no reason to deprive yourself if you have a budget and needs;
If you have space, you may also consider a larger option. E-
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