warriors coach kerr says even he was moved by the singing of o canada - tablets you can draw on-IT

warriors coach kerr says even he was moved by the singing of 'o canada' - tablets you can draw on

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-11
warriors coach kerr says even he was moved by the singing of \'o canada\'  -  tablets you can draw on
Steve Cole is a huge fan of Toronto.
Even basketball fans in the city are questioning him.
Golden State's head coach has talked many times this week about Toronto being his favorite stop in the league, and even he was moved by the first NBA finals in history to be held north of the border.
"It's a great atmosphere," Kerr said Friday . ".
"The national anthem is one of the coolest things I 've ever attended.
It was so beautiful to hear the crowd sing 'O Canada 'together.
"Raptors, they're in the team's 24-
History of 118, beating the Warriors-
Thursday's first game 109
After Toronto experienced a strong support for the history of all parts of the country,season run.
When asked about the atmosphere of Canada's first final, Kerr called it "fun ".
"Frankly, it's interesting to be challenged and threatened in these environments," 53-year-old coach said.
"Especially because the Canadian fans are very nice and they do it very politely even if they harass us.
"Earlier this week, Warrior sharpshooter Klay Thompson was asked politely by Canadian fans.
"It's the best booing ever," he told ESPN . ".
"I hope you have had a bad day.
It's not a bad word, so I appreciate it.
I am very grateful to all of you for your respect.
Thanks Canada.
Cole visited Toronto with the Chicago Bulls in the Raptors 1995 opener96 season.
A large group of sky is at hand.
The Raptors beat the final NBA champion by 109. 108.
What else did Kerr remember from that game?
I remember I missed the game.
"Won the buzzer," he said with a smile . ".
"I remember how enthusiastic and enthusiastic the fans were when I just came here.
They are very excited to have the NBA.
Five successful Kerr
As head coach, he has played five times in the final.
However, this is the first time for both
The defending champion of time lost the final under his leadership.
The coach believes his team can learn from this new adversity.
"This experience is very helpful," Kerr said Friday . "
"It will help to win multiple champions because you have seen it all.
There is also the knowledge that you have been here before.
You have fallen.
We have 3-
Lost a series.
We have 3-
Won a series.
Everything in the middle
So there's nothing to catch these guys. guard.
"While the winner of the first game continued to win the series for most of the final, Kerr did not release the statistics on Friday.
"Once you lose a game, now we have only 19 games and it will be a crawl.
"The chances of winning the series are 7%," he joked . ".
If we winSunday)
We have 42.
7% chance not to lose the series
This is the thing.
You lost a game and you came back and you tried to win.
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