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was microsoft smart to play it safe with ceo pick? - microsoft smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-19
was microsoft smart to play it safe with ceo pick?  -  microsoft smart board
After compiling a list of more than 100 CEO candidates, Microsoft decided to put Satya Nadella at home --
Joined an adult leader in software manufacturers in early 1990.
Google's founder is a teenager. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg went to elementary school.
Nadella was named Microsoft CEO on Tuesday.
Moon search is a safe move, and there may be a sigh of relief around Redmond Wosh of the company.
Industry analysts said the headquarters.
But this methodical, almost predictable decision could reinforce the perception of Microsoft.
It is a slow company that does not want to take risks because it competes with young competitors who like to take risks.
While Google founder and CEO Larry Page boasted that his company had taken "pictures of the Moon", Zuckerberg promised to "act quickly and break the situation" more than a decade ago, microsoft underestimated the importance of Internet search and was too slow to respond to the rise of mobile devices over the past seven years, thus falling behind the technology curve.
Meanwhile, sales of PCs running on Microsoft's Windows software are shrinking.
Microsoft's problems may have narrowed growth. and-
Future visionaries interested in running a company founded in 1975.
Like Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Apple Inc.
Steve Jobs, founder, never considered working at IBM.
In the 1980 s, today's startup prodigy sneered at Microsoft's proposal.
"Going to work at Microsoft might make you look back into the dark," said Richard meimini, management coach at Chicago executive search firm Witt/Kiefer. "It's a well-
In this new world, it has been difficult for deep-rooted businesses to figure out how to operate recently.
"Despite the challenges, Microsoft is still a money-making machine with $84 billion in cash.
Senior executive recruitment firm Korn Ferry and co-vice chairman Dennis Kelly said that this alone would be enough to attract tech sharpshooters to try and turn the company around
The author of the book, "leads the board.
"Microsoft is like a car that is still full of gasoline, but it's just an old model," Carrey said . ".
"There are a lot of great tech executives who are eager for this challenge, especially with a bucket of cash to make acquisitions and do something really fun and cool.
"Microsoft's revival is entirely possible.
After hiring an outsider, former executive of packaged food and financial services, Louis Gerstner, to implement the most painful change in the company's history, IBM in the 1990 s
Not surprisingly, Microsoft described Nadella as the best person to strengthen the company's integration of software and gadgets with cloud computing --
A term widely used to describe the concept of providing applications and other services over the Internet.
Nadella, 46, has won praise from analysts and colleagues for his technical expertise, amiable and deep knowledge of Microsoft's culture and different departments.
He has been working at the company for the past 22 years, giving him an insight into cloud computing, data centers, Internet search and video game consoles.
But Nadella also has a big hurdle: he was in former CEO Steve Ballmer 14-year reign.
"As Microsoft continues to drive along the right lane of the highway at 55 miles per hour, many investors are concerned about other technology vendors from social, corporate, mobile devices, the tablet market continues to accelerate easily in the left lane of innovation and growth, "FBR analyst Daniel Ives wrote in a study on Tuesday.
Microsoft shares fell 13 cents to close at $36.
Tuesday after Nadella was appointed CEO.
In the Ballmer era, the stock fell more than 30%.
Long-long said that given the poor performance of the stock and the challenges facing the company, it might make more sense for Microsoft's board to hire an outsider as CEO
Patrick Moorhead, time technology analyst
John Thompson, a board member of Microsoft who oversees CEO search, made it clear that the company did a thorough search.
In a blog post at the end of last year, Thompson revealed that the board initially identified more than 100 potential customers and then reduced the area to about 20 people who were "all in their own
"After the search is completed, Thompson will replace Gates as chairman of Microsoft.
Speculation about Microsoft's Ford-centric list of external candidates
Alan Mulally, CEO of Qualcomm
Steve morenkov, CEO, Facebook Inc.
Paul Maritz, a former Microsoft executive, and Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of VMware Inc.
Patrick Kissinger, chief executive.
But analysts and executive search experts say Microsoft may find it hard to win support because of the ghosts of Gates and Ballmer. Previously, they made Microsoft what it is today.
Although Gates is abandoning his position as chairman, he will remain on the Microsoft board with Ballmer.
The two men have about eight in total.
With a 5% stake in Microsoft, these investments can be used to amplify their voices.
Mayini said the long-standing presence of Gates and Ballmer could prompt any outside CEO candidate to worry that the new idea could face resistance from an influential old defender.
When Microsoft raided rival Google, it could have stolen a page from Yahoo's script.
Hired Marissa Mayer as the CEO in 2012.
Although Yahoo still failed to increase revenue under Mayer, the decision was mostly made for Yahoo.
It has been speculated that Microsoft may be interested in hiring a respected Google executive, Sundar Pichai, to take charge of the company's Android and Chrome operating systems.
But Microsoft is likely to struggle to convince a Silicon Valley star to become its CEO.
Because many people in Silicon Valley think Microsoft's products are too complicated and expensive.
At the end of 1990, Microsoft tried to stop the growth of Web browser pioneer Netscape Communications, triggering antitrust cases, and the United States filed a lawsuit. S.
At the urging of the Silicon Valley Alliance, the Justice Department.
"When it comes down to this, I don't think the Microsoft board can find a CEO who fits the outside image of the company it really wants," Moorhead said . ".
Carey of Cohen Ferrie said Nadella became an obvious choice once Microsoft decided to take the insider route.
"Only history can tell us if this is the right choice.
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