‘we’re not in his shoes’: marcus smart addressed kyrie irving’s leadership - smart-ITATOUCH-img

‘we’re not in his shoes’: marcus smart addressed kyrie irving’s leadership - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-16
‘we’re not in his shoes’: marcus smart addressed kyrie irving’s leadership  -  smart
Expectations for the Boston Celtics have spilled over before the season, and they hope to reach the top of the Eastern League without LeBron James.
This season will be remembered as Boston has fulfilled its potential after the wrong start, the return of young players and the early exit of the playoffs.
Last season, the Celtics won 55 games and won all of them.
Both star Owen and Hayward are missing from injuries.
The re-integration of the two games highlights the shortcomings, including the Celtics winning only 49 games and winning fourth place in the east.
Their season ended the second round of the playoffs at 116 on Wednesday night.
91 lost to Bucks, 4-1 series loss .
With Owen and Alford's players choosing to return next season, Boston has struggled to enter a critical offseason with key reserves Terry Roze and Marcus Morris entering freedom
On Thursday, the Celtics gathered for the last time to be interviewed by the coach and members of the front office.
Although Owen, Horford, Morris and Roze have all refused, the players have the option to meet with reporters.
Those who did speak thought the season was disappointing and they didn't know what Owen was going to do.
But Marcus Smart insists the team's failure is not the result of Owen's leadership.
"None of our team knew what Carey was going through," Smart said . ".
"He was forced into a situation where he talked about business because of friendship.
There he had to get into a situation where he knew there was a group of people who had some things before (he came)here. .
He did not want to spoil this.
That's a lot to say.
"We held him in our arms.
We tried to understand him.
We never really understand.
We're not on his side.
"After a season where a lack of chemistry is a frequent problem, team President Danny Anji will have some tough options to influence the team's long-term developmentterm future.
Did he blow up the young core and trade his draft for New Orleans Anthony Davis and try to keep Owen?
Or did he move on from Owen and build around Jason Tatum, Jason Brown, Roze and smart?
"I think we're still building," Brown said . ".
"I think we still have some great components to learn from here.
I don't think we should throw the whole team away.
"Still, it has changed a lot compared to last season.
After 10 months of serious ankle injuries, Hayward returned to the starting lineup this season.
But after 15 games in 10 games, he was suspended. 1 points on 39.
Shooting 9% metres from the venue.
By contrast, he is 21 years old on average.
9 points, 47 shots.
7% at all of his last-
Star season in Utah in 201617.
While Hayward takes time to get back to this level, coach Brad Stevens's quick return to the starting lineup this season may help their 9-7 start.
After Owen's knee surgery, there were disagreements in the dressing room, especially with young players.
In a losing streak in January, Owen called them out and said, "Young people don't know what it takes to be champions --level team.
Brown apologized after he disagreed with the comments, but that's what he said.
It is clear, Stevens said, that expectations have affected not only Owen but the team as a whole.
"No problem. They have TVs.
They have a phone.
"They heard everything," Stevens said . ".
"There is a lot of pressure to meet all these expectations and put on a cloak.
Do all these things.
This is hard to do.
Owen said in a set of seasons
On October, the bearer of his intention to resign breached this commitment on February, and after being asked about his intentions this summer, he announced "Ask me on July 1 ".
This is quite different from Kyrie's optimism at his introductory press conference two years ago.
Owen talked about the deal with Boston "at the right time" in his career and he "appreciated" the opportunity to play for the historic team.
Later that day, when he shared a moment with his father, Dredrick Irwin, he smiled, holding a Celtic jersey with Owen's name on the back.
They even made a Nike ad, in which Owen mentioned dreick's basketball career and played college basketball in Boston.
Finally, Owen said, "he's the reason I wear No. 11.
I want to be the reason why no one else will.
Owen said after Wednesday's defeat that the end of the season will be with him.
"I will never forget such a thing," he said . ".
"I don't feel the taste of failure and the style.
For me it just keeps going and see where it will end up.
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