weekly high-tech product releases: android tablet, e-reader with handwriting recognition - wacom d

weekly high-tech product releases: android tablet, e-reader with handwriting recognition - wacom drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-12
weekly high-tech product releases: android tablet, e-reader with handwriting recognition  -  wacom drawing tablet
As of the week of March 3, the release of technology products includes Android-
Electric WiFi tablet, touch screen electronics
A reader who can interpret your work, a super
Sensitive Wacom tablet for professional digital artists with always-on e-
Ink display, this is a small and affordable smartphone, like a feature phone, 18-carat gold-
A plated phone that will surprise you. An Android-
The tablet makes up for the gap between smartphones and desktop computers, and while the brand is not well known outside France, Archos is a solid company in the tablet market.
Archos 7 Home tablet is a mid-range tablet
Size-connected touch screen devices suitable for the smartphone and laptop markets.
7 "the touch screen device is big enough to watch movies, and the 12mm-thin touch screen device is also portable enough to sneak into your bag while you're out. The Android-
2 GB and 8 GB versions of the tablet with WiFi, social networking
Connected apps, on-board MP3 and movie players, and can be fully customized with a range of compatible Android apps.
The Archos 7 Home tablet will be available in the summer of 2010 for prices ranging from 149 euros to 17 euros. A small e-book
Asus has launched its first e-reader with touch screen and handwriting recognition
2010 readers of CeBIT in March 2. The ASUS DR-900 e-
Reader is a light-weight device with a thickness of only 9mm.
The device comes with 9-
EPaper display with 16-tone gray and resolution of 1024x768. It is touch-
Unlike most touchscreen readers on the market, this reader is very sensitive and capable of deciphering handwritten text input. The ASUS DR-
The 900 provides users with a battery life of up to two weeks for a single charge and has a removable battery, so if you want to do some heavy web surfing on the go, you can carry a spare battery with you. ASUS DR-
900 pricing and availability information is expected to be released soon.
A stress-sensitive interactive pen tablet that enhances creativity redesigned its interactive pen display to create a new Cintiq 21UX (DTK-2100)tablet.
21 "tablets serve artists, animators, photographers and graphic design professionals"of-the-
Art Pen performance on digital painting tablet
Make you feel like you're drawing on a piece of paper.
LCD display provides 2048 level pressure sensitivity for the most exquisite drawing control and rear controlmounted user-
A defined touch bar to easily access the control when created.
Cintiq 21UX will be launched in April for $1999.
Portable hard drive using e-
Western data (digital storage company)WD)
Launched My Passport Studio portable hard drive for Mac users with their own custom electronics
Ink labeling system. Its constantly-on e-
The ink display shows what is stored on the drive, even if the drive is not plugged into a power outlet.
WD is the user that came with my Passport Studio drive-
Selected password protection and 256-bit hardware-
Make sure your digital files are secure based on encryption.
It is also fully compatible with Apple's TimeMachine software.
The drive is configured to 320 GB, 500 GB and 640 GB with 3-
Limited Warranty for one year.
These drives cost $149. 99 to $199.
It's available now.
A social networking smartphone that looks like a phoneNokia C5 feature is the first phone launched under the banner of Nokia's latest device category Nokia Cseries.
The C5 looks like a fully functional phone, but is equipped with a full smartphone feature.
It runs on Nokia's Symbian operating system and is designed for heavy social networking workers.
The new feature enables the phone to integrate a friend's status update in the home screen and contact list. The C5 has a 2.
Display 2 inch, 3.
A 2 megapixel camera and can guide you to your next destination with its on-board GPS Ovi Map navigation system.
The phone is expected to be available in 2010 for 135 euros.
A mobile phone so gold that you will block your eyes
Ed launched the N97 mini for consumers who don't have enough brilliance in their lives.
The N97 mini Gold Edition is almost completely packed in 18-carat gold.
The hardware is a standard N97 mini transaction with 3.
2 inch touch screen, 8 gb memory, one slide-
QWERTY keyboard, microSD slot, 5 pixel camera, WiFi and Bluetooth, and compatibility with various Ovi applications.
The phone will be released in the second half of 2010 for about $850.
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