what are the original monopoly pieces, why is the thimble token being dropped, when are the vote win

what are the original monopoly pieces, why is the thimble token being dropped, when are the vote winners announced and what versions are there? - a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-10
what are the original monopoly pieces, why is the thimble token being dropped, when are the vote winners announced and what versions are there?  -  a smart board
As we know, the world is changing as Monopoly announces its abandonment of one of its iconic works.
Gamers will soon wave goodbye to the thimble, which has been part of the board since its launch in 1935-but why is it replaced and what will be the new one?
Monopoly manufacturers often change their routes
For a new generation of gamers.
Last month, we told everyone that there is a chance that all works will face beheading and monopoly giants will ask the public to vote to save their favorite works from the plan.
The results of the poll showed that the eight standard parts competed with 50 new designs, including rotating telephones, cowboy hats and roller skating.
Unfortunately, this is the top pin to get the minimum number of votes, and the game maker Hasbro announced the cancellation of the game.
The Monopoly token crazy voting campaign has attracted more than 4 million votes, but there are not enough supporters to keep it in future versions of the game.
It lost to the most popular models such as top cap, mini car, recently launched cat (
Spray the iron out on 2013)
And the Scottish dog.
Only one of the current 8 pieces will be chopped, thimble, and the new winning replacement design will be announced in March 19.
After that, the new Monopoly piece will arrive at the board game near you on August 2017.
In December, we told Monopoly giants how to set up a Christmas hotline to prevent board games from going bankrupt.
The study found that more than half of the games ended with fierce words.
Since the introduction of Monopoly in the 1930 s, many game works have come and gone.
Some have been staying there since the release and others have been abandoned.
Monopoly lovers will know that there were once six items in the famous team to play games --up.
The first six options were: added some options in 1935 and 1936: added a collection in the 1950 s and beyond: this is not the first time the public has been told which piece will take them in the past.
In 2013, voting means that iron is replaced by a cat, but there are many other versions besides the classic board game.
In addition to London, there are many other city features, such as the Chicago edition of New York.
Opoly and New Zealand.
Then sky is the limit to the theme options that have been put on shelves since launch.
Some of the most creative works include The Walking Dead Survival Edition, the 007 James Bond Collection edition, The Beatles Collection edition, and even the hedgehog Collection edition.
You may think that monopoly is a game of opportunity without a firm strategy to win it.
But another woman who knows each other is Natalie Simmons, the 2015 British Monopoly champion from Northern Ireland. The 26-year-
When she defeated her husband and three others to win the British and Irish Championships, old was sixth in the world.
First study the rules book and find out how you play the wrong game.
Then, here's Natalie's main advice: We don't recommend you do this in real life, but Natalie recommends that players mortgage themselves to hilt.
In the long run, stretching yourself financially to buy streets and houses should allow you to make more money
Rent for other players.
"It's always a bit like cheating, but I don't know why other people don't do it," Jessica said.
"Once you have a monopoly on yourself, mortgage everything else and spend every penny on the House.
"The monopoly of three houses in each square is more valuable, and there are many low houses.
Rent a single property square.
Can you always?
Later mortgaged them in the game.
"Never buy a hotel, the house is more valuable --and limited.
This strategy is a strategy that Jessica shares with Imgur user Elpher, as the Monopoly box contains only 32 houses and 12 hotels, a little-known fact.
If you can afford the cost of each house, there are only eight houses in total.
Elpher said: "The goal is to get a second monopoly and buy enough houses to create a housing shortage and effectively lock the game for other players.
"The prison seems to be the ultimate punishment, and most of us can't wait to get out of jail.
But in the end, the best strategy is to stay in jail and get the cash rake up --
Instead of risking landing in the square of others.
Natalie said: "In the early game, you want to get out of jail as soon as possible.
"But once all the property squares have been bought, the best thing to do is to wait patiently in jail.
"In the late stages of the game, it's better to be in the bar so you can still collect, but don't land on expensive squares.
"It doesn't seem like the most interesting way to win --
But that's the most effective, according to Natalie.
For many, they are the most popular square on the board
But Natalie suggested avoiding the purple property.
Their rent could be high, but they also spent quite a bit of money on it.
For the reasons we explained earlier, it is unlikely that your companion will land at Park Lane.
If you are about to go bankrupt and don't want to risk landing on anyone's property, jail time is also a good strategy.
Don't stay there forever, though.
Another good but cunning strategy is to form an alliance and unite powerful players.
Does your father always win?
Why don't you and one of your siblings come to an agreement to stop his monopoly?
This is the first question if you want to rent a house.
According to the mathematical model, Trafalgar Square is the most popular place on the cardboard map of London --
Make it the most important purchase.
The basis of their work is that the most occupied square is the prison.
Because of how easy the opportunity and community badges are, and the terrible go to the prison Square, send people to the clink, plus the possibility of landing there and just visiting.
Roll a 7, 6 and 1, 1 and 6, 5 and 2, 2 and 5, 4 and 3, and 3 and 4-
Scroll is most likely.
The seven steps out of prison are the boxes of the community, but the other seven rolls will send you to the Red place --
At Trafalgar Square
Orange properties-
Volume 6, 8 or 9-
It is also wise.
Although the purple square has the highest rent, it is unlikely to land frequently.
Reading more of your favorite Monopoly work can be at risk . . . . . . But you can vote now to save the monopoly chiefs.
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