what happens when your brain draws a blank and forgets peoples names - tablets you can draw on-ITA

what happens when your brain draws a blank and forgets people's names? - tablets you can draw on

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-11
what happens when your brain draws a blank and forgets people\'s names?  -  tablets you can draw on
You can remember their faces, but their names make you forget --
So what happens in your head when you draw a blank?
Dr. Fiona Kerr, an expert on nervous and systemic complexity at the University of Adelaide, said that when the brain is stagnant, there are actually a lot of things going on in our brains.
"Your brain is separated from the task, but you are still consciously thinking about other things," Dr. Kerr said . ".
She says the activity of our brains can be compared to the ocean.
Memory is under the surface and conscious activity is above.
The trick is to be able to enter the historical memory below the surface.
Memory storage can be attributed to two factors: Emotion and repetition.
If you have strong feelings or feelings
Connections related to a person, the storage path of their name will be stronger. "If it wasn't [
Emotional experience
Our brain inserts it into our short film.
"Term memory, we tend to throw away things that we didn't come back," Dr. Kerr said . ".
Names used regularly are more likely to be recalled due to repeated learning.
By allowing your brain to give extra attention, you will have a greater chance of recalling your name later.
"If you have some kind of fun riddle or something that will let you remember that person's name next time, you won't be blank," she said . ".
Since more than one brain activity is delivered through visual stimulation, we need to learn how to unplug, Dr. Kerr said.
"Learn to do nothing," she said . "
"Lie on your back, look at the clouds, or take a nap.
"We are overstimulated and inefficient in production.
"Her second suggestion is to go and talk to someone else.
"You will have the spindle-like neurons come off, the Mirror Neurons come off, and we have a variety of oxytocin rings, dopamine and endorph, dynamic resonance --
The chemicals they make can make our brains more flexible . "
"We have this chemical that will not happen technically.
"When Silicon Valley companies started installing sleep pods, most people in the world laughed and thought they were crazy, but they were actually doing something.
Taking a nap can help the brain store and recover information, Dr. Kerr said.
Short, medium and long memories
The term areas are processed to their next level and the brain is cleaned up to work more efficiently.
"You separate perception from attention, so you don't have to pay [constant]
"Pay attention to something more," Dr. Kerr said . ".
By identifying when your brain is behind, you can learn when to take a nap to improve your activity, she says.
But she warns that a nap of about 20 to 30 minutes will stop the stimulation overload and help you clear the mental confusion.
Sleep in an approximate fast eye movement cycle
Between 60 and 90 minutes
Allows you to fully process and access for a long timeterm memories.
"If you can't take a nap, sit there and close your eyes because it's a huge break for your brain.
"If you can't remember the name, it won't help to worry.
Stress just provides another layer of complications for the temporarily disconnected brain.
Stress produces steroid hormones.
"Cortisol puts a blanket between your working memory and the middle and long term --
"Term Memory will prevent you from understanding it," Dr. Kerr said . ".
Hormones put you in a fight. or-
Fly the reaction, forcing your brain to pay attention to the current situation and not to be distracted by past memories.
The best way to give your brain a chance to recall the fact, she says, is to move on, give your brain a chance to catch up, or simply stop, stare out the window, or look at the clouds, leave a blank for people.
"You need to relax," she said . "
"Once you leave that part of your brain to check what you want to do, it knows where it is. "Topics:brain-and-nervous-System, academicresearch,human-
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