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what if they built a school and nobody got to go? - wireless smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-10
what if they built a school and nobody got to go?  -  wireless smart board
When it's done this fall, Riverside's summit will be a high school.
Wireless internet, robotics labs, digital smart boards for each classroom and the first
The rate performance hall deserves any hope of "joy.
But no students.
Due to national budget cuts, the alwald United School District has no money to turn on the lights or hire employees for $105million campus.
There is no guarantee that it will open in 2012.
13, although specially built to ease the crowded classrooms of other high schools in the area.
This is a painful disappointment 13-year-
Old Jacob Barrera, who graduated from Arizona Middle School on Thursday, has been looking forward to breaking into the new campus next year.
Since the sixth grade, Jacob and the other first freshman class students have been dazzled by school officials who have shown them computer simulations
Let them choose the colors and mascots of the school: Cardinaland-gold Trojans.
Then, last fall, the area released a message saying that the summit would be closed for at least a year and that the children were sent to the campus La Sierra High School, which has 3,400 students, it is more than twice the number it designed.
"I was a little frustrated because I really wanted to go.
"I 've seen baseball fields. wow, they're very beautiful," Jacob said . "
A pitcher known as a "rocket launcher" in a small league.
"Voters in the region, including the community and family gardens along the La Serra River and a small piece of Corona, approved $196 in 2007 with an overwhelming advantage --
Millions of bond measures to build and equip high schools and improve other schools.
"The decision to build was made about five years ago, when the economy seemed pretty good," said Su . ". Wendel Tucker.
"Once the building process starts, it really can't stop.
"Once the economy is in recession, buildings are destroyed --
The Inland Empire relies on the economy, which brings billions of dollars to the country.
The government cut funding for education, creating a dollar deficit.
Tucker estimates that in his region alone, the state has cut $25 million in funding over the past three years, a huge amount for a region with $130 in funding.
Millions of budget and 20,000 students per year.
Over 40-
Teachers receive Pink notes to expand class size, trim school bus routes and reduce extra-curricular activities.
However, this is not enough, so the school board voted to postpone the opening of the Summit High School.
"It's very frustrating.
"We made a commitment to the community and I think we need to keep it," said board member Greg Kraft . ".
"Still, I don't think people understand it because of what the school district is doing.
Our money is not unwise.
"Closing schools for one year is expected to save the region $3 million next year, excluding the $1 million spent on protecting and maintaining empty campuses.
Leigh Hawkinson, president of Alvord educator Assn, said: "Hillcrest High is a perfect example of the current problem with state funding . ".
On behalf of teachers.
The campus is located south of the riverside highway, partially carved in the Golden foothills.
Students will be able to see Mt in a clear winter. Baldy, Mt.
San Antonio and Mt. San Jacinto.
Already spraying the top of the mountain"
In the end area of manual drawing
Lawn football fields and natural grass take root in football fields and baseball and softball diamonds.
The area, along with Riverside County and City, opens the height of the summit
After school, the Public Library of Science and Technology, as well as the campus swimming pool and tennis court.
Natalie melcado, 14, said: "It looks really good . " She is a fresh graduate of Arizona middle school and will be a high school freshman next year.
"I really don't want to go to La Serra, but I think I have to go because I have no choice.
Natalie's mother, 36-year-old Yolando Mercado, says the new school is not far from their home by the river, making them even more frustrated.
She is also worried about sending her daughter to the crowded La Sierra High.
"I graduated from there in 93 years and was old at that time," Mercado said . ".
"There are too many bombing by the children.
How will so many children be educated when they need attention?
"La Sierra Shiflett principal Craig said he learned the Inland Empire of the largest student group and asked him to arrange morning and two lunch classes because the gym would not accommodate everyone, and separate pep rallies and other rallies.
The average number of classes in the core subjects is 33 to 37.
Nevertheless, teachers have been added to the area to ensure that every student is academically satisfied, Shiflett said.
"Will it be better for 30 people in a class?
"Of course," he said . "Kenneth M.
Young, school director at Riverside County, said the county's school district lost a total of $1 billion in state funding, leading to an increase in class size and the cancellation of the project.
Schools have also been closed in other counties.
Some children who are only a few years old
The same is true in the state.
"I think we have bottomed out in terms of the economy, but the problem is: the national budget is still out of balance," Young said . ".
"This is the source of funds . . . . . . So that means things may not get better soon. " phil. willon@latimes.
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