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"what is a smart city?": digvijay singh's dig at pm modi - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-20
On Sunday, Lok Sabha candidates from former Central state chief minister and Congress of Bhopal digvija Singh said Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself was not aware of the smart city
He refers to the Modi government's flagship "smart city mission", which aims to develop 100 smart cities, including Bhopal.
"For Narendra Modi himself, the definition of smart city is not clear.
What is smart city. . .
"Bhopal's Green was destroyed by developing it into a smart city," Singh said at a news conference . " He shared his vision document for Bhopal at the meeting.
Singh said the capital of the central state could grow into a global city.
"The overall plan for Bhopal will be released on 2020, after soliciting advice from all stakeholders," he said . ".
"According to the needs and laws of the city, the overall plan of Bhopal should be prepared every ten years. . . But the (erstwhile)
"Over the past 15 years, the BJP government has skipped two general plans for the city," he added . ".
Congressional leaders also promised to develop a clinic in each ward in Bhopal, apparently on the line of the mohalla clinic set up by the AAP government in Delhi.
In addition to the commitment to industrial development and the establishment of satellite towns in Bhopal, Singh also promised to provide housing to every homeless person.
In the vision document, he also promised to develop the art cities of sports centres, film cities, artists and writers, as well as the safe environment for women, children and the elderly, among other things.
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