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what is a wise board? - smart board screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-21
what is a wise board?  -  smart board screen
The smart board consists of an almost insensitive whiteboard and a projector connected to a laptop that uses special software to display computer images.
This set of equipment and software packages provides a whole new area for education.
In order to interact with a good board, teachers or students use instinctive techniques, purpose, and finger bites.
The era of pencils, paper, chalk and erasers has passed, and there is interaction in all aspects of the Daily Curriculum.
With software that controls the motherboard, teaching and learning will present a whole new dimension.
Lecturers make multiple products with good Board
By allowing the scholar to interact with the board in some way, offer a multi-faceted curriculum for his or her students.
Through tools on good boards and software options, students are involved in the course and should collaborate with each other by working on the same course at the same time.
Most smart boards allow 2 or more students to draw, write, move, and interact with the course using special pens, fingers, or alternative soft objects, erase or manipulate the contents of the board at the same time.
This good board feature provides an easy way for instructors to handle multiple learning designs.
Use more
The touch function student will use a completely different approach to address mathematical defects, or build a country on different components of the same map.
Good boards provide a simple and enjoyable way for college students to view their data through games that most students read
It's like some people even throw a soft ball on the board and let the "touch" side.
Students will be in a very non-
When a teacher uses an interactive part like erasing, a threatening, interesting wayto-
Revelation, magic tunnel, or balloon pop-up for viewing and applying.
Although interactive and recreational activities actively engage students in the course, lecturers will also use a good board to enliven their course in other ways.
Animation will increase interest in another "boring lesson.
"The object animation option will add interest to the annotation-
Solve the shortcomings.
When the data for a continuous step of a note or answer is hidden behind an object, the teacher simply clicks on the item or slides the item to display the text behind it.
So the teacher is currently in another "ho-hum" activity.
As an additional bonus, the instructor will use screen capture and page recording to save a lot of class work for any absent student or any student who needs to review the course for the day.
Daily classroom management can be completed using an interactive whiteboard.
As students drag their names to point out that they are gifts for the day, the daily procedures for attendance will develop into an activity.
This activity could be like two-
List, columns marked "current" and "non-existent", or art like bees, Hive, frog, and water lily.
Scholars simply drag their names and corresponding items to the selected location and point out that they are gifts.
Many alternative interactive applications, such as weather, daily calendars, and so on, are designed to facilitate the automation of alternative daily tasks.
With all the duties of the instructor on each day, it will be a daunting task to start a good board course from "zero.
However, there are several websites that allow instructor instances to access a large number of classes in order to easily download and adjust for his or her use.
Typically, these courses are related to national standards and goals or grade benchmarks. Also, these on-
The Line good board course will be combined with materials already used by the teacher.
Combine the organization unit with video clips, lesson plans, distributions, and tests in one file and save them in one file.
The invention of a good board modifies the teacher's role in the classroom.
With a little effort and creativity, the instructor will open any additional energetic and engaging classes for college students, and may even be interesting.
In a world of video games, television and other electronic devices that entertain students, imitating this in education will certainly increase students' commitment to learning.
This is what education cares about, involving scholars and stimulating their desires.
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