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what is google doing to protect the environment - smart technologies

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-02
what is google doing to protect the environment  -  smart technologies
Google began serving the environment as early as 2007.
That's when it started working with other members of the community in the climate protection Computing Initiative.
This initiative promotes efficient computing and aims to reduce the energy consumption of computers by half by 2010.
The group hopes to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions by 54 million tons per year.
The initiative also aims to promote the development, deployment and adoption of intelligent technologies to improve the energy efficiency of computers.
Members of the group, initiated by Google, vowed to produce products that meet specific powers.
And the efficiency goal of purchasing electricity
Computing products efficiently.
With 2010 coming, there is a lot to report on Google and the climate protection computing program, and we can only hope that the organization will achieve their goals.
Google's energy-saving data center showed its commitment to the climate protection computing program and responded to some critics who said the search used a lot of energy, google reported on its energy-efficient data center.
Google compares the energy consumed by Google's search with the energy consumed by Google's answer to search queries.
Google claims that its data centers use half of the energy used in typical data centers.
Specifically, Google uses only about 1 kJ of energy to answer a question (0. 0003kWh)of energy.
Google also claims that web search will often replace more carbon emissions. and time-
Intensive activities, such as driving a car or shuttling through the shopping crowd in a busy shopping mall.
Other environments-
In addition to these two major environmental initiatives, Google has also launched a friendly initiative through its philantrophic division: Google. org. Google.
Org has invested $45 million to support breakthrough clean energy technologies.
It has also recently started renewable energy programs that are cheaper than coal (RE
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