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what kind of occupation do israelis want? - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-24
what kind of occupation do israelis want?  -  what is a smart board
Somewhere between consciousness and subconscious, Israel recently watched two short films but did not.
The first clip-the one we watched-was produced by the newly formed Hosen LeYisrael party leader Benny Gantz (
Israel Restoration Party)A lot of it
The ridiculed slogan: "There is no more right --wing or left-wing;
Israel is the first.
"The second clip-the one we didn't see-was recorded on the phone of a soldier at Camp Netzah Yehuda, Kfir Brigade.
In the film, Israeli soldiers filmed their own abuse of two Palestinian detainees.
The soldiers interrupted his father's ribs and his son was forced to watch.
This is, of course, a clip we don't want to see: a picture of soldiers laughing at and beating father and son.
Who would want to see something so terrible?
Or listen: Did the soldier's smartphone also record the sound of his son shouting his father's name?
Does it capture the sound of the father's broken ribs one by one?
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