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what objects tell the story of your life? - drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-05
what objects tell the story of your life?  -  drawing tablet
Questions about the news of students aged 13 and over.
For museums and historians, careful planning of a limited set of objects has recently become a popular way of telling a vast history (e. g.
The history of the world, or the history of New York City).
After all, artifacts can help us imagine the past and see complex events as tangible or related.
We can also tell our personal experiences in the same way.
Sentimental T-
A shirt, a kindergarten painting, or a dog. eared book?
What is the story of your life?
In Sunday's review article, "object course in history," Sam Roberts discusses how history is "a common language for history" by object: five years ago, the BBC has worked with the British Museum to produce a very successful radio series and book called The History of 100 objects in the world.
Last week, the Smithsonian Museum followed up on world history with 1,000 exhibits.
Since 2009, not more than 900 cultural relics have suddenly appeared.
Consider these two periods of history as three. 2-
The book volume of the pound is next to a series of similar collections, showing the fascinating and deformed capabilities of artifacts from £ 230,000year-
A can of dust was collected in lower Manhattan, 9/11 after the old female statue.
Part of the reason is recent best-
History is popular selling biographies of major political and military figures.
Objects seem to be becoming a common language of history.
The book has been reprinted in 10 languages.
Its companion 15-Download
More than 35 million minutes of podcasts.
This summer, when the Smithsonian Institution investigated its collection of "most iconic" objects in public, more than 90,000 people were involved.
Success has not been ignored.
The Victoria and Albert museums in London currently present 99 disobedient items representing the movement for social change, including football, fishing poles, dirt bikes, photos of my family, and a math book
These are all my choices, because football represents the game of playing football with friends, fishing rod is my favorite sport, dirt bike is my family fun, this photo lets me know my family forever and the math book is my love for school and education.
I do think it's smart, but different objects tell different stories for different people who can escort things but can't.
I also have something to tell about my life.
Let's start with the backyard baseball 2003 CD.
This game is great, especially with Griffey and Pablo.
But when the game really introduced me to the sports world, it had an impact.
Also, I don't remember what was going on, but, I received a teddy bear from a lion and soon I fell in love with the Detroit Lion.
My golden cross was given to me by my grandmother and it reminded me of my family and the tradition of donating with my ancestors.
Items like pictures are the most important because it shows the joy of life and the people you spend.
Pictures help us reflect on the past, let us remember the wonderful life.
A person can tell his story with a lot of things.
If I want to pick some objects, I will pick some very complicated story objects to describe myself.
My first goal is my watch.
The audience will only see the watch, but the audience needs to think about the true meaning of the watch.
It may be that I like time, it may be that I don't like being late, or it may just be a fashion statement.
The other object I chose was my headset.
I wear headphones to symbolize two things. 1.
I like music or music.
I don't want you to talk to me at that moment.
One more thing I want to pick is my toothbrush.
I like to brush my teeth.
I don't think it's a smart way to tell history through objects.
This may be a useful way to learn a course in history class.
It is only when people care that they are attracted to any idea or object.
A wise man once said.
The wise man is coach trongon.
I have a few objects that tell the story of my life.
If there is a movie or novel about me, I will include my mobile phone, my first football, my first wrestling shoes, my glasses and a bracelet from my friend.
I have everything and photos on my phone from my birth to my 16 th birthday, so this can definitely be included.
The first football I got 8 years ago as a gift is still usable and tells me the love for beautiful games.
The first pair of wrestling shoes I recently bought tells a new chapter in my life because I never wrestled before 2014 started --
Academic year 2015.
The glasses I bought four years ago reminded me of the time when vision began to deteriorate in my life.
The bracelet is memorable as it is a gift from my best friend before and even though we are not connected today, my memory with her will always be there.
Yes, objects are a very clever way to connect people with history.
A piece of art is a way to remind us of an event in history.
Whether it's a period of depression or a golden age, there's always an artifact to show and prove this.
I think objects play a huge role in people's lives.
Personally, I know there's a lot around my room that brings me back to a better day, most of which has to do with my summer at the sleepwalking camp.
Whenever I look at them, I am transmitted to memory, the exact moment I receive any object.
I can relive it if it's only a second.
The first thing may seem strange, but I will explain it.
There is a tradition in my camp with no name, but we do it a lot.
Whenever there is a bunk or people that stick together, they take a string of yarn and let people go around and say something they like or admire, or what they are together
Then the man threw it to the next man with a rope.
It eventually formed a network.
The first green yarn came from morry Camp s camp, the inner city children's Camp that my camp sponsored and raised money, came to us and visited.
They experienced gymnastics, ubuild dit, and both camps climbed up the 11 feet wall without support, just each other.
It's not hard because they have huge muscles and our people are not that bad.
Finally, we made yarn traditions and I remember we were happy to show them how we did things before we went to their camp.
Only cities can do this.
The other one is yellow and only CIT girls do it.
Because it was the last night in our camp, we wanted to do it to cheer ourselves up.
But when we got the rope, our team leader brought us a lot of food.
The food in the camp stinks because it's Jewish so we only eat chicken as protein.
We made a mess and didn't eat until we got sick and never ended the tradition, but I still wore this because I remember I was safe and content, we were all crammed into the floor of the bunk to eat junk food and recall the time we spent together over the past decade.
I know I can't see them anymore, which makes me happy, but also melancholy.
The next object is a little special.
It is a small wooden arrow that is in hand and is sawed off at the top and bottom.
Every year in the color war, the camp storyteller, affectionately known as Lah, hides this arrow in a place in the camp and then gives clues as to where it is.
If you find it, you're a legend.
Clues become easier every day and many people find them on the third or fourth day.
I found it the next day.
Allow CITs to see for themselves.
Campers must bring a counselor.
I looked under a building called Lakeview, and the two boys didn't (
I used reliable capital because someone said I stole it or found it unfair)
We saw a consultant pick it up and they tried to hide it.
One of them dropped it on the ground (
It was a very bad decision because I wouldn't accept it if it was in his hands)
Another campaign advisor.
The two boys with me said, take it!
Another boy from the other team pleaded with me, but in the decision I didn't remember making, I picked it up and ran to the office, where, I was congratulated by the team leader and showed this to Lah.
I separated the arrow from the two boys who found it because they thanked me for being there because they also didn't have a consultant.
I also found the winter arrow, which is the same concept, but in the winter newsletter you will send your answer by email.
Now I know that people don't forget me when I have to take a year off before I become a formal consultant.
The last object is two magazines called "teenteen.
This is a collection of young people writing.
Poetry, short stories, etc.
It's really, really hard to publish.
They received 150,000 submissions within a year.
60,000 of them are poems.
I made it for my poem, with sweet music and eleven minutes of music.
I don't think they will be published when I send them, but they do, and I have a heart attack when I find out that I am a published author.
I am very grateful for this and I will keep them forever.
As mentioned above, objects play a huge role in my life.
I wish I could write the whole book, but I can't.
It's easy to write what I love, especially when readers don't;
I don't know about my experience in sleepwalking camp or what Teenink is.
It may require a small paper, but it is so worth it.
What can accurately describe my life?
It seems a challenge to sum up my whole life into five things.
However, the list soon became apparent. It is who I am.
The 5 items that represent my life include a drum stick, headphones, folders, two chains and a magnifying glass.
First of all, drumming: drumming is deeply embedded in my DNA, and that's what I was born to do.
I have been playing drums for more than 8 years.
It took me eight years to realize that the drums made sense to me and were perfectly integrated with my personality.
The reason why I play drums is directly related to the other four objects that describe my life.
The drummer needs to listen all the time.
The headphones came in from here.
I'm always listening, not just.
By doing so, I understand things at a deeper level and I am able to be a better person.
Whether listening to others or listening to music, a better understanding of what you are exposed to can allow you to use your resources and learning effectively.
Listening as a drummer can adapt me to the music and bring the band together;
Just like listening makes me fully fit into the world around me.
The folder symbolizes organization, which is also essential for drummers.
I am very obsessed, forced and picky in keeping the organization.
My bedroom is always spotless so I can work better throughout the day.
The same is true of drums.
By organizing my music ideas, I take my place in any music environment without overdoing it.
In order to play drums and be able to function as a person, no matter what I am doing, the organization enables me to fulfill my responsibility efficiently.
Then there are two chains.
These represent my love for social and networking.
I like to meet interesting people and make new friends in a strange environment.
One of the ways I communicate with people is drumming.
Music is a common language that helps people unite.
When I play in front of people, when I see people shaking their heads and tapping their heels on the ground, there is a deep energy that fills me.
Finally, the magnifying glass is a symbol of my curiosity.
In the future, I plan to travel to a foreign country, discover new things, and come into contact with all the amazing things on our planet.
I also try to learn and try drums constantly.
I am trying to expose myself to various types of music so that I can reach an unlimited number of wonderful sounds.
Drumming is a direct metaphor for my whole life, and I often use it to help me through difficult times.
The same is true.
When I face the new music challenge, I think it's any other challenge in life.
There are many things in my life that tell a story.
For example, my golf club, my money and my book are very important to me and they say who I am today.
There is a story behind each object.
My golf club is very important to me.
My dad asked me to start playing golf and I couldn't stop since I started playing golf.
We spent most of our time together while playing golf.
If it weren't for golfing, I wouldn't be as close to my dad as I was today.
I can talk to my dad about anything, mainly because of golf.
While playing golf with my dad, I can get anything from my chest.
I felt like golf was my safe haven and when I was with my dad I looked at him like my best friend.
If it weren't for my golf club, I wouldn't have had a special connection with my dad like I did today.
Money is a very important thing in my life.
I work as much as I can so I can get as much money as I can.
I don't need to spend money for me.
I have saved a lot of money so that I can buy a gift for someone's birthday at home.
They are always surprised when I buy them gifts, but now they should know what will happen.
I work a lot for them.
They really deserve it because of everything they do.
They support me through everything and they are there when I need them the most.
They deserve the money more than I do.
I thank them for everything they have done for me and I will never forget everything they have experienced for me.
The most important thing to tell my story is my book.
My studies and books at school are the most important thing in my life.
They really prove who I am.
This book shows who I am because I have put a lot of effort into my homework.
I am determined to get good grades at school because I hope my family will be proud of my achievements.
The best way to make them proud is to do good at school and make a difference in the world.
If I do well at school then everyone will be proud of me and if everyone is proud of me then I am also proud of myself.
If I am proud of myself, then I will feel accomplished in what I do.
I am more determined than anything else in my studies.
I really want to do something.
Doing well from my book is the best way.
Books and studies are the most important thing in my life.
I have several projects that can clearly express my life.
From my cell phone smartphone to a pair of awesome Adidas Bronze fall wrestling shoes from me.
Every object I have that represents me because I have experienced it.
Every item I cherish expresses my true identity.
My smartphone is galaxy s Three and it clearly represents me because it shows that I am a social person and I am very modern and it has helped me a lot in my life as well;
For example, study for the exam, or communicate with friends and family.
I also have a very colorful dress, my colorful dress Express is me, because it shows that I can have a good time, because the colorful means that you are not afraid of different, like to combine, people who are not afraid of being different are often very happy.
I also have my own bench and weight lifting, I like fitness equipment, because fitness is my life, I like fitness, this is a good way to keep in shape and a good way to feel good, I also like my bench and weight lifting as it helps me not to delay and make a difference to myself.
All my fitness equipment represents me because it shows my determination to become stronger.
In this world, the most precious thing I have is probably my wrestling shoes, not my favorite shoes, but the stories and principles my shoes tell.
The pair of wrestling shoes told the story of my first college wrestling match, and of course I won.
The shoes were also a bit worn out and people told me to go and fix it but I didn't want to because the shoes were about the hard experiences I had to go through, every scratch and tear on those wrestling shoes means something special that cannot be replaced.
I do believe that certain objects can tell a lot of things about a person, but it is not an object that can tell a person's story, but an experience that a person experiences with this object.
A piece of paper that says "Korean" can describe me because I'm Korean, but it can't tell my story unless I 've had a hard experience.
It is only when you experience an experience that an object is good, if not just an object or thing.
Everyone has objects and tells them, their attitude, who they were in the past.
I personally think I have a lot of things to tell about my life story, from my old teddy bear to the prizes I get through singing and art etc.
But what is very important to me plays an important role in my life, that is art.
From messy brushes to broken colored pencils, everything I used to make art and continue to do that will always be with me, the biggest treasure chest ever!
Messy shirts and crayons flakes, nothing likes to be with me more than I do.
The object does tell a story that words cannot tell.
When I draw, I reflect who I am as a person, what my thoughts are, and what my feelings are.
Since I was very young, I have always been a shy type, and I have not opened my feelings and emotions to different things.
But one way I learn to be open is through the beauty of art, just drawing how I used to feel when I was too stressed or angry, I just took out a piece of paper and started drawing, or start drawing with a canvas.
When I was five years old, a bundle of messy art was still protected.
My parents have tried many times to send me to paint but have never really succeeded. Why?
Because the art class is a class with rules and boundaries, their system is to tell us what to draw and how to draw. in a specific way, I don't like this. I have my own style, I found my true identity as a person.
I really like to do my own thing.
Sometimes my paintings can be a little scary, dark, and sometimes really bright and happy, which shows that my emotions, efforts and time are invested in what I really love.
Another object that tells my life story is the picture.
My family is a family full of photographers and as long as I remember, I have always had a camera to shoot me.
From a few years ago to today, I have two hard drives with lots of pictures on them.
If I lose a hard drive, each one will be saved twice.
Pictures play such an important role in my life, just like art.
This is because even if the person in the photo changes, the memory will never change.
From my trip to India to my hometown for vacation, I have captured so many special moments;
Dubai, different places and special people.
Looking at them and laughing at funny images when I have time will only bring me pure joy.
Because every time I draw, click on the picture and see what I do every minute of my life, I really take pride in what kind of person I am, and this joy shows my true self.
I have many things about my life (
My mom called it rubbish but I don't agree).
Some items were souvenirs I got, like a huge NASA pencil I got when I visited the Mississippi space center when I was young.
This pencil represents how much I used to love science, although I don't like it very much now.
I also have a bunch of Disney character pins that I bought when I was traveling to Florida.
These pins show my love for Disney.
The other object was a huge coin with a ship called the dreadnought, with a bunch of different planes on it and I went in a summer.
It shows how much I used to like the idea of being a pilot, although it's clear now that I can't fly a plane at all.
My other object (
Actually more than one)
It's the dance solo costume and dance shoes I 've kept for years.
They expressed my love for dance.
The shoes represent what dance I did.
I have tap shoes (
Obviously tap dance)
I wear ballet shoes when I am in ballet, jazz and hip hop.
I chose these items because I think they tell more about my personal history than most of the items I have.
I think it is certain that telling history through objects will attract or "attract" more historical figures because it is more interesting.
I think the object will definitely tell a story that words and images can't communicate effectively.
I think it is good to explain in words, but the explanation is boring and not so attractive.
Images are a good visual tool, but they can also be interpreted in many different ways.
In addition, the object that most people are fascinated with can be more hands.
I remember I went to a children's museum where everything was on hand or items were displayed and I thought it was a lot more fun than a regular museum or listening to a speech.
I have something to tell about my life.
If I want to write a book or movie about my life, I feel like I can write/film forever.
Because my memory is very good, I have a lot of memories and thoughts in my life.
If I had an object in a book, I would have put my big family in it because I am from India and I have a lot of cousins.
Another important thing for me is my ipod and headphones that hear music from the iPod.
When I started to learn music technology and started to create music on my computer, listening to music became different.
I start listening to small things, not small things, and then you can judge how good or bad the song is based on how the song is combined and how it flows.
I am obsessed with gorgeous Nike or Jordan and anyone who really knows me will say that I like to collect shoes and want to work in a football club because I can get all the latest shoes.
I also like basketball, I have been playing basketball since I was 6 years old, I grew up with people who also like basketball, so I started playing with them whenever possible, so I wrote a basketball in my book.
My favorite basketball player is Alan Iverson, who learned from him that although he is not as high as the rest of the NBA basketball players, he still has an impact on the NBA, and play the heart of this game.
So, yes, I do agree that telling history through objects is a smart way to represent the past, because it's easier to know something tangible from the past.
I like the idea of using objects to represent world history.
This tells different stories, which constitute the entire existence of culture at that time.
I have something to tell my story.
The Yankee jersey my father bought me when I was eight is an example.
It reminds me of the days when my dad and I went to the baseball game and had a good time, which is part of why I played softball for seven years.
Another example is a necklace that once belonged to my uncle before he died.
My uncle died of cancer when I was thirteen.
When he was sick, he spent about four months with him until the day he died.
I took his necklace.
This reminds me of him.
Since then, I have become stronger and the necklace represents my new growth and maturity in this situation.
My next example is my dancing shoes.
Dance has become one of my passions in the past four years.
I like to express my feelings with actions.
Dance also requires me to learn how to arrange my time.
It makes me determined that, as a person, it tells me that I must have the right attitude and perspective on any situation.
Whether it's a new dance study or a classroom material I know, I have to want it in order to do my best.
For them, objects have many stories that are most likely unknown.
Our history is in these goals and we must accept it.
I have something that can represent my life.
My sneakers first show that I really like sports and it has a great place in my life.
I have had these shoes since I was 9 and I want to keep them.
My watch is also very important because I don't feel very good when I don't wear it.
I hate being late, I always want to see when it is.
In my computer, I have all my photos and some things that are very important to me, such as my mobile phone.
If I lose them, I lose a part of my life.
There are other things that can represent my life, but these are the most important things.
I have a lot of things that represent what's going on in my life!
First of all, my flute is so important to me, I have been doing it for six years and I like it very much!
Second, my dive log because it represents all the dives I 've been doing for a long time: seven years is like half of my life . . . . . . Finally, I like my scuba diving equipment because it represents dinving and when I see them I do it even in winter
I have many souvenirs for children.
I put the books in the preschool class and they are very important to me.
They symbolize my earthly childhood.
Sometimes I read them.
The first draw was missed.
Also, I have a collection of tickets like this, and I remember my holiday destination.
For example, when I was in Marroco, I took the money (yem).
I have something to tell about my life story. First, my TV.
I can't live without TV.
I watch movies and series every time I get a chance.
Second, my book. My books! ! !
I like reading very much.
This is a characteristic of me.
This has to do with my passion for movies: I read these books, more than the adapted version of the movie I watched or sometimes the series (
Like the Game of Thrones.
The object of telling my life story must be my book and cd.
From rats and humans to faults on our planet.
Or from Mozart to panic! At The Disco.
There are various display methods.
We choose the object that tells our own story based on what objects give us and what they represent.
For me, music is a symbol of emotion, work, and energy.
I wouldn't be me without my music, and I wouldn't try to be a rigid teenager by saying so.
Objects are a magical way of telling history.
They capture emotions and stimulate thoughts that cannot be controlled by words.
Think about the remains from 9/11.
It's more real to see it.
Meeting someone in person is very different from calling or texting.
In our lives, objects create symbols or memories that are important to us in our lives.
I must make a choice;
A mechanical pencil (0. 5)
A notebook, a camera, a notebook, a pen, a good book, my favorite video game, a Lego boat, my jersey and my scrapbook.
These are the things that I think best define me, and they make me happy.
I think objects can help people understand history.
They will want to know where these things come from or how they are used.
First of all, at least a few of my notebooks.
Even though my writing is of poor quality, my writing had to be left on the little book before I got my phone or iPad.
For the anger of my parents, I usually dedicate a notebook for each project and then forget about the previous project.
They kept the story I wrote until about grade 6, where my writing evolved into my iPad and was lost when it was taken away.
Second, my phone and some pictures above.
One of my favorite pastimes is taking pictures of the world around me.
So my phone is filled with photos and screenshots of what I 've liked for a year.
Third, the content on my shelf.
Since I was able to read, the book has always been everything to me.
Reading has always been very important to me.
Also, I rarely throw away books, so my bookshelves are filled with books I have had for years.
They are the center of my life and show how my taste has evolved over time. Fourth, my t-
Shirt Collection.
As everyone who knows me noticed, my t-
The shirt is often witty or belongs to my fans.
These are all things that I have carefully selected to suit my personality and myself.
They represent the interest and love of my life.
Finally, a small sample of the workpiece is too small to display itself.
These include: gray dresses I wear almost every day.
A yellow and blue bracelet I made last year at summer camp always reminds me of a friend wearing this color hat.
A red bracelet, previously decorated with Harley Quinn design, I wear it every day as part of a pair of green clown bracelets, until I gave the green bracelet to the camp advisor I really liked.
My Blue Bean, I will lose it without it.
There is also a pencil that I always put behind my ears.
Items that tell my life story include My Black Eagle jersey and the lucky jersey I got in the Notre hockey game!
I chose the jersey because my favorite NHL team is the Chicago Black and always.
Also, the jersey represents my love for hockey.
My lucky jersey speaks for itself and I'm lucky to wear it.
For example, when I was wearing a jersey, my brother won his toughest game of the season.
It just brings me good luck!
There are several objects that can tell stories in my life from museums/exhibitions or books.
I will include my family, football, shopping, friendly and fun.
I choose these specific objects because I can't live without my family and the rest of them are what I like and describe my things.
I really don't think it can help hook many people by using objects, but I think it will be more historical hooks than they already want to know.
Yes, objects can tell pictures or stories, and objects can give people tips on what they're talking about, even if they don't know what the subject is.
Objects can draw a picture in your mind to make you understand something you may not understand, or if you understand it, it will make you better summarize the story/objects
The reason why I choose these items is because I can't have no family, I play football and I really like it!
Shopping is because I like shopping very much.
Very friendly because I like to meet my friends.
Fun of course, I like to have fun and make me and others happy by laughing, joking, etc.
I have more but there are only a few here.
The items that tell my life story are dancing shoes, photos of my dog and a Spanish book.
Items I would put in an exhibition or book are dance shoes, photos of my dog, a Spanish copy of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, headphones, and a smiley sticker
I chose all these things because they are my life.
I wear my dancing shoes every day because I love dancing so much, I love them, a picture of my dog because once we get her, my life is no longer like she used to make me happy
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets are important to my life because it is the first chapter I read in Spanish and it is a huge achievement.
Because I listen to music a lot, I use headphones as an object.
I will have a smiley sticker because they make me happy and my dad always tells me to put a smile on my face.
I think using an object is "a smart way to attract people in history", but it can be very confusing because you don't know what the object means to this person if it's not clear enough.
There are also words that describe what it means to you.
So that people can see the object and know what it means to you.
So far, there are a small number of objects that can be used to define my life.
My Cedar Point wristband, my gymnastics pad, and my Missouri Tiger ear.
My Cedar Point wristband shows my deep love for the roller coaster and shows my courage
Evil personality
My gymnastics mat represents my long history as a gymnast and my many hours of practice and dedication to the sport.
My Missouri Tiger ears indicate that I am a fan of Missouri and that I have visited Missouri in the past to watch their game, which shows my love for their team.
I think these things reveal more pieces of my life, but don't show the whole puzzle.
More information about me is not based on an object.
The 10 items I will include in an exhibition or book about my life are basketball, iPod, beats headphones, basketball shoes, basketball clothes, meat, cross, homework, movies.
I choose these things because I like basketball, I often on my iPod, I say my beat because I like to listen to music with them, I like basketball shoes, because I wear a lot of basketball shoes and basketball clothes. Because I like every kind of meat like steak, chicken, fried chicken, salmon, tilapia fish and many other meat, it's a peaceful cross because we have a lot of homework every day, and watch movies because I watched a lot of movies.
Yes, objects are a clever way to attract people to understand history.
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