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what's wrong with this picture? - drawing pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-10
what\'s wrong with this picture?  -  drawing pad
Madonna and J.
Look at him.
Without him, Anne Leibovitz and Steven Mesel will not print the photos.
Anna Wintour and Grayton Carter pay thousands of dollars a year for his services.
He can be said to be one of the most powerful people in the fashion world, but he won't sit in the front row or wear designer clothes, you won't find him on the Fashion Network, have a deep idea of Gwen Stefani's Super Bowl outfit.
Think about it, though, and maybe no one has such a close understanding of Gwen Stefani until the pores of her powdery cheeks. This behind-the-
Compared to a personal trainer or masseur, the scene magician is more intimate with the body of a celebrity, Pascal Danin is a digital remake of the most famous photographer in fashion and Hollywood.
Some people refuse to work with others.
Just this month, on the smooth side of the newsstand, he adjusted the cover of W, Harper's Fair and temptation.
In one area, no matter how suspicious, designers, photographers and stylists want to celebrate every innovation boom they have --
Is there a nude model with a vacuum cleaner? -the French-
Born in Dangin, the founder and CEO of Box Studios in New York, America's most important photo-retouching business, cultivated his anonymity.
"I never wanted to talk about my job because it was a taboo," he said . ".
"The people who have benefited from my work have not benefited from me talking about it.
While photo processing is more common than ever in this digital age, when many laptops come with software to help you get rid of your mother's pain --in-
In the eyes of the law, readers still rarely understand the degree of polish of glossy magazines.
At the same time, insiders are dismissive of this: of course, the camera can be used to lie.
Do you really think this is Kate Winslet on the cover of the uk gq this month?
"Hey everyone wants to look good," said Dangin . "
"Basically we're selling a product --
We're selling an image.
For those who say too much modification, I say you are fake.
This is the world we live in.
Everything is glory.
I mean, live in your time.
Although most newspapers prohibit misrepresenting news photos in labs or computers, in fashion magazines, for a long time, in order to make the model's eyes bluer, his teeth whiter, and his legs thinner, it is standard to throw a little digital fairy dust.
This highly distorted image is periodically controversial, proving that retoucher's skills are still seen as dark art.
Winslet is the center of the last torch.
When she complained about being too slim for the cover of GQ.
She was quoted by The Daily Mail as saying that "the decoration is excessive . ".
"I don't look like that. More importantly, I don't want to be like that.
Dylan Jones, editor-in-chief of GQ, defended the change.
"I really didn't see anything sinister at this point," he said . ".
"It has been going on for several years.
We all want charm.
We all want the show.
There was a second dispute around the body.
The women's daily reported two weeks ago that her head was digitally placed on the torso of a slim designer on the cover of Harper's Bazaar's January issue.
A spokesman for the magazine and Winslet denied the report.
This episode shows that the image manipulator on the glossy magazine does not cross some lines.
Dangin sometimes pieced together a cover photo by placing the head of the model in a different photo of her own body, but he rejected Dr. Frankenstein's photo stitching brand.
"I'm not going to put the actress's head on the stylist --no! '' he says.
It is too difficult to convince such a composite, he said, and admitted that it would also raise a moral question.
"People will be very upset.
They put it in the same pool as human cloning.
"Retouching was once a vague and narrow practice for photographers who covered the skin and body defects in the photos with small brushes.
Now, it needs a whole new area, using the power of computer technology to improve the light, color and contrast in the photos, not to mention the thighs and head.
Dangin reviewed and printed including Michael Thompson, Marcel, Craig McDean, Steven Klein, Enez van lanswade, Mario solentti
He also worked with a handful of art photographers like Philip. Lorca diCorcia.
Some photographers refused to work with others.
"He's not just a technician who removes pimples, he has Dangin flatten the background and simplify the color in Madonna's portrait, created a photo for last year's Vanity Fair cover in his 50 s.
"He is also a thinker.
He's not the only one pressing a button.
There is some kind of soul in it, which is very rare.
He can express his body through a computer.
It's not just the color, skin tone, and body that's adjusted in the photo.
Sometimes the composition is not true.
The advertisement for the underworld family last autumn was an example.
Although photographer Leibovitz seems to have shot the entire crew around a table, she actually did it separately, and Danin assembled the images on his computer.
The photographer and artistic director affirmed Dangin's ability to combine deep knowledge of photography with technology.
"I can't do so many different types of lighting until I meet Pascal," said Patrick de maschernier, a prolific shooter for Harper's Bazaar covers and fashion ads.
Because Dangin was able to correct the more stringent aspects of dramatic lighting, he said, he had been able to go beyond the traditional studio lighting.
"He launched a new brand of photography that didn't exist before.
Without Pascal, there won't be many photographers today.
Despite his technical expertise, his rapport with the photographer and his slow, meticulous pace seem to be at the heart of his success.
"Some photographers won't work unless he does the retouching and printing," said Raul Martinez, a partner at a/R Media advertising in New York, who often works with Meisel
"He has a real personal relationship with them and they trust him.
For those who take the time to cover up the image of others --
The cost of the in-house magazine page is $ US500, and the cost of the cover image is up to $20,000, requiring a large number of digital cut and paste
Dangin has never been modified. His tobacco-
The stained teeth did not turn white, and despite his figure and success, he wore a champion jersey and a New Balance sneaker-brown corduroys every day.
A bunch of unruly fingersin-the-
He is a barber.
He was watching "Dang Jin" at a Broadway film studio, and the company hired 40 employees, like hiding behind the scenes to watch the final stages of film and fashion celebrity production. In a pitch-dark loft-
Like a room full of high
Define computer monitors and light boxes, and a dozen respondents have a hunch when clicking, pointing, and drawing on the keyboard. A huge Oz-
Like a computer server buzzing in the background.
The wizard sits on a huge screen.
If the one in the middle is a canvas, then the two side screens, like a palette, hold the software icon and the image file.
Dangin will throw 10,000 files at any time.
Not long ago, he was advertising for the use of Cover Girl cosmetics from model Angela lindwar;
The image of Leibovitz promoted for the next season's mafia family;
There is also a portrait of Madonna's Steven Klein on the cover of the magazine.
"This part is too light, so I will basically start burning it and bring more density," said Dangin . " When he adjusts the color and contrast in the photo of art photographer Adam Batos, scribble on the computer's drawing board with a stylus.
"It's about changing the light.
Imagine it as a virtual darkroom where you can expose a part of the photo to make it more dense.
Only in a dark room that takes five hours can we finish it in an instant.
The paradox that naturally appears in movies is not new.
Back in the middle
In the 19 th century, photographer Matthew Brady hired a re-photographer to improve the formal portrait.
In the early 20 th century, Man Ray used innovative technologies like solaration, at the age of 1930 and 40, hollywood photographer George Herrell promotes actresses like Jane Russell and Joan Crawford by extending eyelashes, smoothing wrinkles and flaws and highlighting their hair
Richard Avedon decorated many social portraits with his hand, famous for sticking out Marella Agnelli's neck to make her look like a social swan.
Recently, artists like Cindy Sherman have used retouching and manipulation to completely change their identity --
The process is now common but not always accepted.
In 1997, fashion photographer David rachappel publicly quarreled with one of his themes, Actress Mira sovino, when he digitally converted her image to Joan Crawford.
Nowadays, photos can be modified by anyone.
Websites like photos
Brush and pixel foundry sell software for teaching photos-
Manipulation techniques are also described in books like Scott Kelby's PhotoShop 7: Down and Dirty Tricks.
As a result, almost any photos and images, whether personal or public, can be modified.
This leads to perennial questions about Danning's work: How much is too much?
Is correcting a child's teeth on a Christmas card the same as correcting a seven-Sugar Mother's teeth, and Newsweek was criticized at the end of 1990?
The only sure answer is that in the digital age, the line between the line and the line is a moving line.
When Kim shrugged his shoulders, get the print output from the recent Yves Saint Laurent ad campaign.
"The world is not a reality," he said, pointing his finger.
"It's just paper. '' -
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