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what we need is really techno technology - writing pad for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-25
what we need is really techno technology  -  writing pad for pc
The real problem with technology is that technology is not enough.
Take Radio Agate as an example, and it's a fuss about bugging phones, leaked tapes, and privacy.
What caused the whole mess? Technology.
Or rather, the technology is not enough, the technology is not enough.
The technology designed the telephone, first the landline, then the mobile phone.
It then invented devices that could tap phones, including landlines and mobile phones, that is, the telephone conversations that people are having can be tapped.
After doing so, tech companies have introduced gadgets that can record these conversations, which can then be leaked.
Yes, there are no loopholes in technology.
These are for politics to invent.
But technology is still the main cause of this situation, and in many of metoo phone-
Tap the doors that may follow.
If we have a real technology then all the other doors will be excluded. How?
A real technology can be realized through the brain.
Microchips are implanted to allow people to communicate with each other through telepathy. Presto.
There are no more BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone, etc. Too bad.
But, as they say, you can't make omelet without breaking the eggs.
Air travel is one of the fastest growing industries today.
Technology, through the Wright brothers, invented the heavier-than-
An aerial flying machine that enables humans to fly like birds.
Don't worry about being hijacked except birds, in the middle
The terrorists flew or were attacked by a suicide bomber.
Birds do not have to eat Aviation.
Or a rude flight attendant. Or non-
When your bladder breaks, the toilet on board will work properly.
Even if the birds are dressed in saris or headscarves, they do not have to be searched at the airport.
Birds do not need to endure flight delays, lost luggage, and endless statements that no one can do.
No, all these and many other insults and discomfort are reserved for human air travelers, and technology provides them with wings.
As a result, air travel is often an obstacle to air travel.
Who should blame?
Backward technology.
When will technology be able to get rid of its regrets and invent stealth teleport, as we can see on Star Trek? You stand —
Or sit down, or lie down, depending on whether you are traveling financially, on business or on first class --
In a sealed room, you are exposed to a beam of radiation that causes the molecules that make up your body to disappear at point A and appear again at point B, your planned destination
Like a fax.
Except you are a fax.
No more hijacking, no more motion sickness bags, no more jet lag, no more ticket manipulation.
Then there is the problem of fat and fat.
There are two kinds of people in the world: too poor to eat, thin people, people who eat too much, often fat people.
The poor are poor because they do not have the right technology.
Fat is fat because they have too many inappropriate techniques to use
Transportation by car, Labor
Save devices, etc-
This makes it impossible for them to do any physical exercise that consumes extra calories and weight.
So those who are overweight
Or think they are-
Join an expensive gym or get into weird eating habits, or have both.
What the overweight world needs is a technology to turn couch potatoes into sofa Panthers. How?
By designing a sofa with a built-in robot masseuse, the masseuse will give you a thorough workout when you watch TV and chew snacks, which are not snacks at all, but remote controls --
The stimulating taste buds allow you to taste all the flavors and flavors of your favorite food without eating it.
Then you know you're zero.
All the food you have saved is for the thin and poor.
No more Atkins diet, no more VLCC.
The world is no longer hungry.
But in my list of technical aspirations, the most important thing is the so-called technical desire. think. Techno-
Think of it as a technology invention that allows people to write anything
An article, a novel, a letter, etc.
Transfer their ideas directly to a printed page or computer screen.
A writing board, keyboard or tape recorder is not required.
Think about this idea and-bingo! —
In print or digital format.
Think about it, a real technology.
Thinking will not only translate our ideas into scripts for us, but will also take over the drudgery of thinking for us.
It is no longer Descartes and his "I think so I am ".
In the brave new world of technology, I don't think it's my technology. think is’.
The ultimate technical utopia, nothing can go wrong, nothing can go, nothing can, nothing, nothing. . .
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