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what you get (and what you don’t) from a $50 amazon fire - cheap graphics tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-05
what you get (and what you don’t) from a $50 amazon fire  -  cheap graphics tablet
What can I buy for $50?
A pair of cheap sneakers, maybe a dinner for two people in San Francisco, or a few tickets to the game.
But it is rarely thought that it can also buy a tablet that can run apps and stream media.
However, this is Amazon's Fire tablet, which starts at $50 for seven tablets.
Inch model and $80 eightincher.
The latest version of these tablets, which will be released this week, is slow and not flashy --
However, as long as there is enough ability, it is worth the meager money. This low-cost-for-no-
The decoration strategy seems to work well for the retail giant.
Sales of Amazon touch-
The company said the screen of tablets grew by double digits last year over the same period last year.
IDC, a research firm, said,
The cost fire pushed Amazon to the first place.
The tablet market is second only to Apple and Samsung.
The success of Amazon's tablets has been particularly prominent as overall sales of these devices have been shrinking.
The slowdown in tablet sales forced Apple to update the ipad more frequently than many other products.
In fact, Apple launched another new iPad with 10 on Monday. 5-
The 1-inch screen starts at $649.
After testing Amazon's Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 for a week, my conclusion is: these cheap tablets are perfect for families with children who use gadgets as toys, can be thrown on the table or on the ground.
But if you are an adult who needs to do the minimum amount of work on a tablet, you should probably spend the extra money on a big computer
Smartphone or iPad screen.
Here's what you need to know about what you get
You don't know.
The Amazon tablet is priced at $50.
The best thing about the new tablet is how they feel.
Seven ounces weighs about 10 ounces and 13 ounces. inch and eight-
The inch device is designed to be easily carried in one hand.
After spending hours reading the email with a fire in one hand
Watching videos and books on Netflix, I didn't feel nervous on my wrist.
The compact size also makes these tablets ideal for children with small hands.
For this cheap device, the battery life of the Fire 7 is also surprisingly long.
Amazon says it will get juice for about 8 hours while working on various tasks, such as browsing web pages and running apps.
I watched the video for about four and a half hours before the battery ran out.
This is modest, but enough for playing a feature
Watch a long movie before getting the child to bed.
Amazon says eight
The battery life of Incher is 12 hours.
Although even when reading the email, there is a mediocre display of the fire, the color is dim and the pixels are obvious
Books, at this price, the lower quality is acceptable.
I'm not going to use fire to read digital comics, which usually have a wide variety of colors and clear illustrations, but the tablet is enough to browse the electronic comics
The book is just black text on the white page.
For Internet speed, download speed is quite fast.
In my Wi test
Compared with Fire 7, Apple's $329 iPad is downloaded at 92 megabits per second and 48 megabits per second.
While the fire is only about half the speed of the more expensive iPad, 48 megabits per second is enough to stream videos smoothly, download apps and emails quicklybooks.
The worst part of the fire is the overall computing power.
Tablets are too slow to load apps and process tasks, and even typing memos is painful;
Whenever you make a mistake, there will be lag when you backkey the correct letter.
Slow also makes the fire of browsing Web articles terrible.
Don't buy an Amazon tablet if you plan on using it for email, Web browsing or playing games.
Another major component missing from Amazon's tablet is Google's official app store, the largest mobile software store with more than 2. 5 million apps.
The tablet runs a modified version of Google's (Google) Android system that shows Amazon's app store.
While there are thousands of apps in Amazon's app store, I found some of my favorite apps missing --
That is, 1 Password, the application that manages the password.
Perhaps the biggest design oversight of the Fire 7 is to put the speakers on the back of the tablet.
Most other tablets have speakers on the bottom or side, so blocking is not a problem.
But if you put the tablet at the bottom
Listen to the music from the speaker on the lower side of the flat surface and the sound will be muffled.
Instead, you have to put it on the screenside down.
If you hold it down with a protective cover, the same problem happens: the rear flap covers the speaker. (
Fire 8 does not have this problem as the speakers are on the side. )
Finally, if you pay a minimum of $50 for seven
The price of £ 8 is $80.
Incher is a tablet that displays ads or what Amazon calls "special offers ".
"This means the lock screen, when you wake up the device, you will see that it will shuffle in different ads like e-
Booking or app promotion.
Buy a tablet version without a sponsored screen and you can pay an extra $15.
Still, will you pay $50 for enough Email
Book readers, TV shows and movie players that are easy to carry with you?
My guess is yes.
But perhaps the most compelling value proposition is a hidden proposition: keep your child away from your fancy iPad.
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