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when the screen becomes a kid's canvas - digital drawing tablet with screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-19
when the screen becomes a kid\'s canvas  -  digital drawing tablet with screen
In March 15, 2006, the role of TV screens continued to expand with the development of TV.
Smile art studio, a big battery-
Operate a tablet for children's painting.
$30 device for working with V
The Smile TV learning system, which costs $50 alone, also includes a software "smartridge ".
"Insert everything and your TV screen becomes a big blank easel surrounded by 15 color selections and icons for basic drawing features like erase, fill, cut and paste
The stay stylus combines the pressure point with the magnetic tip, which makes it possible to select or unselect the screen item, which is critical for playing the attached sort game.
There are also arrow keys and a large "Enter" button that provides several ways to do the same thing.
The verbal tag also helps children and can be activated by simply moving the cursor over any screen item.
Up to five pictures can be saved in memory and turned into a simple screen saver.
While the resolution is not high, the device encourages children to create screen content, not just to watch screen content. -
Warren buckletner (NYT)Old point-and-
Shooting for HD-
Samsung's L85 is a vintage TVstyle point-and-
The shooting model is an attempt to take advantage of the high
Definition boom. It has a high-
Multimedia Interface port that allows it to transfer data to high
Television sets and other equipment. The eight-
There are five million pixels L85
Multiple zoom and many manual functions in addition to automatic Pictures
Ability to acquire.
Unlike normal cameras that use RCA jacks to transfer standard video and images to a TV, the L85 can communicate directly with digital video devices, allowing high
Hd TV to watch pictures at high resolution.
The L85, which sells for about $500 and is available next month, also features a "text recognition" mode for taking a text photo.
Photos can then be passed through the accompanying Digimax reader software that converts text into files that are readable by most word processors. $@ -John Biggs (NYT)An earpiece-
Mobile phone mix if you can go through the phone and wireless headset, you may get a hybrid phone like LG style
I, a device that is not just a headset, but not just a mobile phone.
Essentially, it's the remote control of your phone. or phones.
Small and light style-
My shape is like a pen and works with up to three phones via Bluetooth wireless connection.
It has a blue backlit keyboard for dialing and a blue display that displays caller information and the last dial number. The Style-
I have a small horn at the top and a microphone at the bottom and you take it and talk like a traditional phone.
Headphones can be connected via Jack.
LG says the rechargeable battery can provide 8 hours of use and 200 hours of standby time.
The style of the company
I will be available for less than $150 in the first week of April. -Roy Furchgott (NYT)
A computer travel kit to lighten the load from verbatim records includes almost everything that stray laptop users may need, and so on.
The kit costs about $35.
The series is tucked away in a zip case about the size of the shaving kit and includes a retractable combo cable for broadband and dial-up
Modem connection.
The series also features an optical USB mini-
Mouse, retractable USB cable connecting computer and mac devices, and four
Provides you with more port hubs that plug into the location of the hardware.
For travelers who tend to leave special cables for digital cameras at home, there is an adapter that lets you connect many cameras and even some audio players to your laptop. -J. D. Biersdorfer (NYT)
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