which laptop should i buy the best new computers unveiled at ces 2019 - tablet with stylus-ITATOUC

which laptop should i buy? the best new computers unveiled at ces 2019 - tablet with stylus

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-18
which laptop should i buy? the best new computers unveiled at ces 2019  -  tablet with stylus
If part of your New Year's plan involves replacing an aging laptop, then you will want to pay attention this week.
That's because.
All the big tech companies get together to show off their products.
This is also a good indicator of gadgets that will appear on UK shelves in the coming months.
Many new computers have shown clear display and enhanced functionality in the showroom. up processors.
If you are planning to eventually upgrade your own machine sometime in 2019, we already have a scout on some of the options you might want to consider.
Whether you value portability or power consumption, here are five laptops worth seeing.
Alienware is Dell's gaming department, and has always received much attention.
Laptops have been very powerful for many years.
Alienware m17 is the father of this line.
Upgraded to newRTX 20-
Nvidia series laptop graphics card.
Although these machines used to be big and bulky in the last few years, now they are like 17-
Laptops are available.
This is heavy at 2.
6 kg and 23mm thick.
You can also support up to 32 gb of RAM and dual SSD if you want.
Before you put in cash, Dell allows you to customize the machine based on price and preference.
If you're looking for something that's not quite eye-catching then HP's Spectre brand is one of the best.
These stylish silver machines have excellent industrial design and powerful power.
HP provides 15-for 2019-
Inch 3x60 with AMOLED screen-as you can see on a very expensive smartphone.
For tech enthusiasts, this means that its contrast is 100,000 higher than sRGB: 1, the color is 33% higher than sRGB, and supports a high dynamic range (HDR).
If you are not interested in technology, it can be seen from us that movies will look great in this regard.
The disadvantage of screen technology is that it can be very expensive when it arrives.
HP is only showing it at CES at the moment, but says it should be launched in March 2019.
So if you have noticed this, we suggest you start saving money.
It's not a laptop in a strict sense, but we decided to include it because it's out there.
In short, this is Microsoft's Surface for players.
That means it's a 4.
7 kg tablet with light and vent on the side and bracket on the back.
It is connected to a wireless keyboard for two purposes: it allows players to position the keys for maximum tactical advantage and allows Asus to dissipate heat more efficiently.
Like Alienware, it has Nvidia's RTX 2080 GPU and Intel's top GPUof-the-line Core i9-
8950HK processor.
This beast is not for everyone, but you will expect it to have a name like the "mothership.
If you think the clunky gaming laptop is hell, then Acer's new Swift 7 is probably the best option you can find this year.
Swift 7 is 9.
95mm thin, only 890g in weight, screen-to-
Body ratio 92%.
It's made of magnesium.
Lithium and magnesium
Which aluminum alloy (Acer says)
Stronger than ordinary aluminum and also 35% lighter.
With 16 gb of RAM and 512 GB of SSD in it, the company says it will give you 10 hours of battery life.
We don't have a UK price yet, but in Europe this will be sold for 1,799 euros, so when it's released here you can expect it to be 1,600/1,700
If you want a big screen without a big weight, then LG's updated LG Gram 17 is what you want.
The company says it weighs only 1 pound.
3 kg, battery life up to 19 hours.
After the show at CES, it will be available in the US this week.
The price in the US is $1,700 and when it gets here you may think that means £ 1,700.
The price gives you access to a 2,560x1,600 pixel touchscreen display, Intel Core i7-8565U CPU.
There is also 16 gb of RAM and 512 GB of storage.
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