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why junk food should not be sold in school canteens - smart board in school

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-09
why junk food should not be sold in school canteens  -  smart board in school
The junk food ban in school canteens will be an important public health policy intervention that can develop good eating habits in the development of children, women and children (WCD)
Minister Maneka Gandhi has demanded that junk food be banned in school canteens, which may help to address the obesity problem that is occurring in more and more children from middle-class families.
She also sought notification from new food guidelines that define junk food and classify it by nutritional value.
At present, parents and children do not know enough about the dangers posed by processed foods, especially those with high fat, salt and sugar content.
In an impressive attempt
Minister dialogue, Maneka has written to her colleagues in two stakeholder ministries --
Smriti Irani, minister of HRD, and JP Nadda, Minister of Health.
Maneka will know that Irani's support is necessary to implement her advice on the school's junk food ban, and Nadda will be the key to a comprehensive reform of nutrition labeling.
Recently, a team of WCD departments had private hawkers and hawkers in school hours, within 200 of the office space.
The committee even advised shops to stop selling proprietary food to children in school uniforms and to ensure that school canteens do not store non-
Standardized proprietary food with poor nutritional value.
Another important strategy is to implement color coding on food packaging.
It was suggested that healthy foods such as vegetables, beans, fruits, grains, lean meat, fish and eggs should be colored
Green, vegetable
Snacks and ice cream based on yellow codes, as well as "forbidden" foods such as sweets, energy drinks and orange-coded fried packaged foods.
But it is also important that this color code on the food package is clearly visible and brought to the attention of consumers.
Different color codes have been used for some time to distinguish toothpaste by their chemical composition, but few people are aware of this and few can find tiny color codes at the bottom of the tube.
In the relevant context, the Minister of Health has been opposed to increasing the picture warning on tobacco packaging, although it is a cost --
Effective ways to raise awareness of cancer.
The Minister of Food Processing, hasinrat Kaur, is at the forefront of those who oppose the Margi ban.
The positions of Nadda and Kaur indicate that there may be a firm boycott of Maneka's proposal.
Many states prohibit the sale of tobacco and alcohol products near schools and colleges.
However, unlike the liquor market that requires a citizen's licence, it has proved difficult to prevent tobacco vendors from approaching schools.
The ban on junk food outside the campus will have similar problems.
However, there is no excuse to limit the sale of junk food in the canteen.
The food recommended in the canteen includes wheat and more
Cereal bread and potatoes, tea, lagema, vegetable sandwiches, upma, jalapeno and coconut water.
The banned foods include cola, chips, noodles, pizza, hamburgers and lasagolas.
Reading this list shows that the processing food industry will lose a lot if the ban is imposed.
More and more scientific evidence links junk food to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and arterial porridge, which policymakers cannot ignore.
In April 2014, the United States Department of Agriculture issued a ban on eating junk food in schools.
A study published in the prestigious medical journal Lancet pointed out that India is the world's third-largest obese country, after the United States and China, with 30 million obese people.
When more and more young people are infected with lifestyle diseases in the most productive age group, the loss of productivity, the cost of treatment and lifelong medication will burden the national economy.
Although the loss of income in the food processing industry is unfortunate, public health, especially the health of children, must be paid due attention.
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