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will smart meters be worth the money? - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-24
will smart meters be worth the money?  -  smart
Millions of energy users in the UK are about to get new metering systemssmart meters -
Technology rejected by Germany and found not to be cost-effective
Other countries are effective.
Smart meters send energy usage information directly back to energy suppliers without meter reading.
It is vital that they also let customers know how much electricity or gas they consume during the day.
This discovery is expected to change our behavior so that we can turn off the lights, turn off the heating, and usually use less energy.
The European Union says all Member States must provide smart meters by 2020 for positive economic reasons.
Cost of hiring Ernst & Young accounting firm in Germany-
The benefit analysis and their conclusion is that it makes no economic sense because most householders do not use enough energy to make it worthwhile.
So Germany refuses to roll on a large scale. out.
Other countries have adopted smart meters and have achieved different successes.
Auditors in Australia and Canada found the price to be too expensive.
Andrew Evans of the Office of the Auditor General of Victoria, Australia, said that consumers would not have any overall benefits, with a net cost of $320 (£170m)
Consumers pay through higher energy bills.
The British government has promised to invest 53 million smart meters in our homes and small businesses by the end of 2020, with an estimated cost of 11bn.
This does not include Northern Ireland, which is still evaluating whether smart meters are in the interests of consumers.
Families and businesses in other parts of the UK have installed 2 million m.
A year ago, the pensioner Maureen Fenlon and her husband Viv chose to install smart meters in a bungalow in Lincoln County.
Mrs. finren proudly showed me the little "in-
"Home display" that shows the cost of electricity and gas used during the day.
Seeing the actual cost of using the appliance, she said, encouraged her to use the microwave more than the oven, saving her bills.
It is alleged that such behaviour may reduce our bill by an average of £ 26 per household per year by 2020.
By then, according to government estimates, this could mean a total savings of about £ 6.
The Ministry of Energy and Climate Change said: "Smart meters will help households and businesses control energy use, end projected bills and help bill payers improve energy efficiency.
"However, the cost of rolling --
It is estimated that millions of our savings are willing to change our behavior.
At the same time, the introduction of the second phase is already very late.
This includes a second generation smart meter and a new national communications network that will allow data to be transmitted between smart meters and all energy suppliers.
How the entire smart meter project was planned has been criticized.
In other countries, the central government has dealt with it.
But in Britain, the government gave it to energy companies.
Some homes don't have enough wireless signals to make the current generation of smart meters work.
If someone like Mrs. Fenlon changes the supplier today,
The technology of the new supplier may not be able to use the home display; the first-
Smart meters have actually become "dumb ".
This should change in the next few years when the new communication network is up and running. The so-
Companies known as the six largest energy suppliers want to launch a new price for smart meters, a system called time-of-use tariffs elsewhere in the world.
This may mean that during peak hours, such as between 16: 00 and 20: 00, the cost of using electricity is much higher for you.
The idea is that you will be pushed to use your appliance when it's cheaper.
Critics fear that this could have a damaging effect on vulnerable groups such as older people and low-income people.
According to Stephen Thomas, an honorary professor of energy policy at the University of Greenwich, on a cold winter night, seniors or vulnerable groups facing additional high energy use costs may choose to close and get cold.
The answer is that, according to Rossi McGreen, director of new energy services at the UK energy company, these "time of use" tariffs will be entirely voluntary.
She believes that when people have smart meters, they will be able to plan better in advance and save bills while those are currently in pre-
The price of the meter will be lower than it is now.
Although this fact is not highlighted in the campaign, smart meters are not mandatory.
Energy companies are paying for the installation of smart meters, but they admit they will pass on the cost to their customers.
So even if you don't want to, you have to pay part of the 11bn fee.
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