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windows 10 review: new, yet familiar - smartscreen

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-10
windows 10 review: new, yet familiar  -  smartscreen
With Windows 8, Microsoft dares to re-imagine desktop and mobile computing.
The future that was envisioned at that time will be around the touch interface.
The company launched Metro UI (since re-
Modern UI brand)
To solve the growing touch
Market for smart devices.
Unfortunately, its ambitious bets are not well suited to the needs of users.
The problem is simple.
Microsoft attaches great importance to the touch interface, which makes the operating system hostile to traditional keyboard and mouse users --
At that time, even now, the vast majority of its user base.
In the three years that Windows 8 has existed, the company has released two major updates to the desktop operating system: Windows 8. 1 and Windows 8. 1 Update.
Let you know the impact of it (Or missing)
All versions of Windows 8 add up to less than 25% of the market.
By contrast, sixyear-
Old Windows 7 and ten years-
According to the latest statistics from market research firm Net application, the old Windows XP is combined to power about 70% of computers.
Source: Net application Microsoft wants to change this by Windows 10, which is now available in 190 countries.
The new operating system represents several major strategic changes for Microsoft.
To ensure that the Windows 8 fiasco is no longer repeated, the company has taken many precautions and bold new steps.
In order to attract users and convince people to upgrade from the old version, it provides Windows 10 for the vast majority of users for free.
But that's not all.
On September 30, Microsoft announced the Windows Insider program for developers and enthusiastic testers, and released the developer preview version of Windows 10 nine months before the final release.
The reason is simple: to make sure Windows 10 is well received, Microsoft wants users to decide and suggest what they want to see in the final version, and what they can't have.
With the help of Windows Insider, Microsoft tried the new OS and provided feedback.
Over the past nine months, the company has listened carefully to its users and made a lot of useful changes.
But that's not all.
Microsoft has made a big bet on Windows 10.
It says the new operating system will be the last version of Windows it will sell.
It is changing its position on how its desktop operating system is perceived and distributed.
Windows will soon become a subscription service and will not be sold as a product, but will be constantly updated instead of the main new version.
However, it is not clear how to achieve this goal in a few years.
Get Windows 10 if you are an existing Windows 7 or Windows 8.
X users, you can get Windows 10 free of charge through Microsoft.
Hope you booked your copy in advance.
If so, the update should show up soon, though there are a few things you can do to speed up the process.
If not, you can download Windows 10 ISO or buy a new copy from the retail store, probably on a USB drive.
Installing Windows 10 is as simple as installing any other latest version of Windows.
Fast too.
After the download is complete, or if you install it from a USB drive, it should not be more than half an hour. (
See also: How to download and install Windows 10)
As usual, Windows has a variety of variations, although the selection is not as complicated as it was before.
We wrote something earlier to help you make your decision.
The initial settings also don't take a long time.
Just like Windows 8, there are not many things Microsoft forces you to do.
Ideally, there will be no problem with the activation process.
Microsoft says it will automatically activate computers upgraded from a licensed version of Windows 7 or Windows 8. 1.
Windows Insider members will also get the final version of Windows 10 for freeactivated.
The company announced that users who do not have any previous versions of Windows installed on their computers, as well as users who use pirated Windows, will also be able to download and install Windows 10, however, these copies will not be activated until a valid Windows license is entered.
Before we look at the design changes and UI in Windows 10, it's important to first review how we got here.
Eight years ago, at the fifth session, senior journalist Walter Mosberg asked Bill Gates and Steve jobs if they were working to make a radical change to the desktop UI.
Windows and OS X UIs have remained largely unchanged for years.
Of course, the icons and layouts have become more enjoyable, thanks to all the time-
Increasing the number of pixels allows for more information on one screen.
But it's still roughly the same interface that Xerox showed decades ago.
Three years ago, Microsoft took a bold step in reinventing the user interface.
Modern user interface is the best shot
Maybe the only chance.
Let's have a new understanding of the desktop operating system.
Touch, ink, voice, vision
These things came in, but they didn't come in as a radical alternative.
"I think you underestimated the extent of evolution because you have lived together year after year," Gates said in response to the Mosberg question . ".
"These things in nature are revolutionary changes. "That's true.
Many people don't realize this, but the reason why the current user interface becomes an instant hit is very much related to its amazing similarity to the real interface
Life is bustling.
The overlapping windows on the desktop make you feel at home, because that's what happens in the real world.
You have a table with lots of documents on it.
Look at the page, which is at the center of your attention.
Later, your attention shifts when you pull out a different page.
This potential consistency between physical and visual aspects is why the UI works.
It seems that we will stick to it in the coming years, which should be good news for many people.
Microsoft is making sure Windows 7 and Windows XP users don't see Windows 10 as operating systems that bring crazy design changes.
In fact, in a recent promotional video, Microsoft touted the similarity between Windows 10 and Windows 7 as one of the USPs it wants to convince users to upgrade.
To do this, Microsoft is withdrawing a lot of hate for Windows 8.
Getting the axe's Start menu in Windows 8 pays off in Windows 10.
The new Start menu offers some handy new features.
For example, it is now also home to live tiles that can be sidewaysby-
One side of the traditional app icon.
For those who are not familiar with it, live tiles are icons for modern apps.
They automatically update and display context information without clicking.
For example, the real-time tiles of the weather app will show the temperature and forecast there.
In addition, you can customize the size of the Start menu according to your preferences.
The login screen finally throws away the traditional square frame where user photos are attached to the normal background.
Instead, the company is making something visually appealing on Windows 10's login screen.
The taskbar has also been visually modified.
Now it has a more flat and metallic look.
The Windows/Start icon has also been modified, but perhaps the most important addition to the taskbar is to include the search box.
This is very convenient for users.
The navigation button becomes wider and more flat so it looks more elegant.
The taskbar is also undergoing a small transformation.
Except for fixed and on-
Screen application, Taskbar is now also the location of new system functions such as Cortana, Action center and Task View.
The FeaturesAn operating system is as useful as its built-in operating systemin features.
This is another area of Windows 10 fare and flight color.
Here are some of the features you will find interesting.
Cortana was previously available only on Windows Phone, and Cortana was easily one of the most fascinating features of Windows 10.
The digital voice assistant knows your general query very well.
When we ask about the weather, it understands exactly, just say "how is the weather" and when we ask about the weather, it will make some old jokes.
You can also have it do math and look up some information.
In Windows 10, Cortana is your first choice
Search for anything in the search box.
It is always ready and you can query by typing in the text box or clicking the microphone button to speak out loud.
You can also use the phrase "Hey, Cortana" to start a search query without moving your hand.
This option is disabled by default, but you can enable it from the settings.
Just have Cortana open "Cortana and search settings ".
"The first few hours can be annoying as Cortana may not hear your accent and Flex, but it will adjust and start to recognize your voice very quickly.
You can also use Cortana to set reminders for meetings and perform other tasks.
A friendly reminder: pay attention to the time of the reminder and appointment, because once you have saved this information, Cortana won't let you edit it.
Cortana automatically checks weather and traffic conditions and recommends that you leave early if necessary, although this feature may not be available in all areas.
Microsoft says it will become more useful if you also use Cortana on your smartphone.
If you don't have a Windows Phone device, it will also arrive on Android and iOS soon.
In fact, an Android beta was leaked earlier this month. That's not all.
You can have Cortana write an email for you.
It can understand your dictation well.
You can also use it to open the app, play music, and perform a lot of other tasks.
Cortana can also keep you from getting bored.
Like Google Now, it also maintains a dashboard with updates to ongoing sports events, weather information, a featured list of stories recommended to you, and more, and the latest news on the stock market.
Microsoft said it would expand its capabilities to a few areas, including India.
Once this happens, Cortana will be able to understand more local accents, idioms, and phrases.
While it needs to be noted that even without official support, Cortana seems to work well for us.
The use of Cortana can significantly improve the computing experience.
You will soon realize this.
Microsoft EdgeWindows 10 comes with a new Web browser called Edge.
The company announced that Edge was designed to handle modern web design technologies.
We can confirm that Edge will not disappoint you and work perfectly.
Microsoft says Edge is faster than Chrome, which is the conclusion by having two browsers compete with each other in three different benchmarking tools.
In our time with Windows 10, Edge works as fast as Chrome.
It loads the web page without any layout problems.
Edge also allows you to comment and doodle on the web page with the quick share option that will help you to share your favorite pages completely with friends and colleaguesworkers.
The new browser also has a reading mode that can strip distracting elements from the page and create a clean layout using only story text and images.
Edge is also integrated with Cortana, where you can use several voice commands while browsing.
However, there is a problem.
While Microsoft claims that Edge will run the Chrome extension, it does not share when it will drive support for public use.
The modern Pantone aspect of Windows 10 is a continuation of Windows 8.
The X era is the availability of modern applications.
The built-in app can be downloaded, including mail, calendar, news, music and photos
In the Windows Store.
They still feel like it's mostly for touch-enabled devices, and it doesn't look like it's running like a desktop program.
Things haven't really changed since Windows 8 was launched, but Microsoft still wants users to try it out.
The photo app offers many convenient new editing features, while music is a great interface.
For maps apps that lack depth, that's not what you can say.
You can only view the map in the bird view map or live traffic view, and there is no way to send directions to your phone.
The Windows Store also felt immature at this time.
Microsoft touted features such as universal apps, apps that use the same binary on desktop and mobile devices.
The idea is that you don't have to buy the same app twice on your phone and PC/tablet, and it's not easy for developers either.
Unfortunately, there aren't any metrics on the store right now to indicate if the app is generic.
Virtual desktops allow you to create and divide different virtual spaces, and you can group program windows together, whether you think it's appropriate or not.
You can control the virtual desktop using the Task View icon on the taskbar. You can drag-and-
Place a window between virtual desktops, allowing you to quickly switch between them.
Microsoft says you can create as many virtual desktops as you want.
To make it work, click the Task View button (
Shapes like overlapping rectangles)
Available on the taskbar.
It will open a new pane.
You will find the option to add a new desktop at the bottom-right side.
You can use the keyboard shortcuts Windows keys tab to switch between different desktops.
The Task View also does not allow you to change the wallpaper in a different desktop.
This is a feature that users will like and anyone who doesn't want to use it can ignore it.
Some Linux distributions and OS X have provided similar features over the years.
Action CentreAction center is one of the most convenient features Microsoft has launched in Windows Phone 8. 1.
Now it takes it to the desktop platform.
All your systems are displayed in the Action Center-
Make level notifications and app updates in one place.
It also provides you with fast switching of settings such as airplane mode.
You can also do something convenient, such as activating your VPN and checking the network settings directly from the Action Center, just like the notification panel for your smartphone.
The new Snap Assist feature allows users to tile up to four applications togetherby-side.
To try this, drag the window to any corner of the screen.
If you still want only two apps on one side-by-
Edge, drag each window to the relative edge of the screen.
Security security is one of the main features of the new operating system.
Although there is a large part of the security function
Passport and equipment guards, for example-
This is designed for business and business users, and a couple will come in handy at home as well.
Windows Hello is a new security feature that allows you to log into your PC without entering your password.
Using your computer's built-in
In the camera, the system will be able to detect whether you are actually trying to log in or if someone else is.
It also allows you to scan using a fingerprint or iris.
This feature requires specialized hardware, such as Intel's depth.
Many 3D cameras that do not yet have a sense of sensing reality on the computer, as well as trusted platform module chips on the motherboard.
In addition, there are several built-in
The In function has its own security layer.
For example, Microsoft Edge includes a feature called SmartScreen that can detect and block access to malicious websites.
There are a lot of other things that are moving forward.
For example, the new OS supports DirectX 12, which should satisfy the player.
The latest version of Microsoft API using system graphics cards and processors has the potential to significantly improve game performance.
As of now, no games have supported DirectX 12, but will be launched by the end of 2015.
When it comes to games, Xbox One users will be able to mirror their games to their computers using the Xbox app.
You can find more information here.
Windows 10 also comes with a tool that allows you-
Screen activity.
This is a handy feature that can help a lot of people make videos without the need for a third oneparty app.
Inconsistent with what Windows 10 did last year, it doesn't seem to be fully ready yet.
There are obvious failures around the new operating system.
Sometimes the volume button, the start button, and the Action Center icon become unresponsive.
In addition, the company's position on pushing updates to home users suggests that those who value stability should wait a while before jumping. (
See also: Windows 10 is here, but maybe you shouldn't upgrade yet)
There is also a problem with application compatibility as some legacy applications may not be compatible with the new OS.
Check Microsoft's Compatibility Center to see if the app you rely on can be used with Windows 10.
VerdictWindows 10 is the most popular pc OS update in the world and should delight many users.
Features like Cortana, the new Start menu and continue make it tempting to have the opportunity to upgrade for free.
But these discrepancies are a bit frustrating, and perhaps many will be better before the first major update to the OS is released, as it may solve many of these problems.
If you grew up under Windows, you should feel at home in Windows 10, and the new features do add to your overall experience.
If you are one of the few people you really like to run Windows 8, the added content should not take too much away from what you like now.
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