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windows vista - writing tablet for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-07
windows vista  -  writing tablet for pc
Microsoft Corp.
S. Vista is the first major revision of its Windows operating system in five years. in addition to deciding whether to upgrade, people will also face the decision of what to upgrade the software.
"I don't have a computer that can run it.
"Vista has launched a range of versions for different types of enterprise and home users that require powerful hardware to take advantage of its new features.
On the surface, the latest products from the world's largest software manufacturer have updated the operating system with a redesigned graphical user interface, a new one touted as cleaner and easier to use
At the same time, Microsoft is constantly improving to make the latest version of Windows more secure and reliable.
There are a total of five versions of the software.
One of the most obvious changes in Vista is the new "Aero" visual design of the software, whose key features include windows with transparency so that people can see many open applications at the same time, three-
Allows the user to quickly browse the size View of the "stack" window of the opened Program.
The basic version of Vista does not include so-
Called Flip 3D view.
"I think they're doing a good job," Michael Cherry, an analyst at Microsoft, told CBC News Online.
"It adds value to the organization that uses it.
But in November, the software appeared commercially.
30. most computers using Windows today
According to some estimates, as many PCs in the world
Will not jump to new software in the near future.
This is partly because only Vista's business version was included in the initial release --
The consumer version is due to be released in January. 30, 2007 —
Traditionally, enterprises are cautious when updating computer systems.
Many people take waitand-
Before they put their business operations on the software, see the way to make sure the software is rock solid.
Another reason people may not be able to use Vista other than large-scale deployments is that most computers running on desktop today simply cannot support the technical requirements of the software.
"I don't have a computer that can run it," Cherry said . " Although his machine is only about one year old.
This is a problem that most companies and individuals face, he explained. "It [Vista]
The hardware requirements are high, "ranging from the memory and processing power it needs to the huge requirements it has for computer video systems.
With Microsoft releasing operating systems at the end of many companies' budgets, Cherry said that most companies will not even wait until January to consider evaluating the potential impact of software on their business, it will take at least three to six months.
So he expects it to take at least a year before Vista starts taking root in the corporate world.
Despite these concerns, Cherry says his assessment so far is that most companies may think it is worthwhile to study the features provided by the software.
"The decision to deploy Vista requires a valuation assessment," Cherry said . ".
"It's worth investing in the evaluation software to see if it makes sense for you.
Vista enterpriicrosoft released two commercial versions of Vista in November.
30, known as Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Enterprise.
Both licenses are available to the company's bulk license holders, organizations that have contracts with Microsoft's operating systems.
The business version does not include entertainment media management features included in the consumer version, Microsoft Canada vice-
President Greg Barber told the CBC News Online.
Vista Enterprise is designed for large enterprises
With a huge network and a large scale of global companies
Load calculation requirements.
Therefore, a key aspect of Vista Enterprise involves new security features.
The software can store data in a built-in encrypted format
In the Windows locker utility, helping to prevent unauthorized individuals from reading information is a particularly important measure if the computer is lost and stolen.
"This is an important and powerful feature," says Cherry, noting
More and more sensitive data is stored on PCs.
"But you have to be careful because there is no revocation.
This means that no one has access to your data, but you can't access it either if you're not careful.
"The Enterprise Edition is also embedded with Virtual PC Express, a tool that lets old Windows programs run on Vista by simulating previous versions of Windows.
Similarly, the Enterprise version has a module that lets UNIX programs run in Vista.
Vista Enterprise also supports tablet stylus-
Touch screen computer for handwriting recognition and desktop navigation.
Another company version of Vista Business Vista Windows Vista Business is made for companies from small businesses to large businessesscale entities.
As with all Vista versions, it includes an enhanced search feature that provides instant search results for everything stored on a computer drive.
But it's actually a scale.
Does not include an enterprise version of features such as BitLocker, Virtual PC, or UNIX features.
Cherry said that some of the most important changes to the latest version of Windows are not easy for users to see, and unless software developed specifically for Vista starts to appear, these changes will not become obvious.
"There are some major changes in the pipeline," Cherry added . ".
"But until software developers start developing applications that take advantage of this, we don't really see what Vista can do.
"Before the consumer version of Vista was released in January, the consumer version was released.
30, hardware manufacturers are expected to ship computers specifically designed to take advantage of the functionality and architecture of the new operating system.
The consumer versions of Vista are Home Basic, Home Premium and Ultimate.
As the name implies, Home Basic is for those who use the computer to complete Basic tasks, such as Internet access, e-commerce
Mail and chat, as well as simple office tasks such as writing and editing documents.
It also emphasizes the security of strengthening parental control.
Home Premium is for those who use computers for more processors --
Intensive tasks include editing photos and videos, watching TV and movies, playing multimedia and entertainment functions such as computer games and music.
It integrates the Windows Media Center feature in Windows XP as a dashboard that integrates entertainment and connectivity to other computers, including the ability to connect to Microsoft's Xbox series video game consoles.
The premium version also supports tablet functions.
Windows Vista Ultimate combines all the features of the consumer and business versions of the new operating system.
All versions of the software will apply in the updated 64-
Bit computer chips, and 32-
Today's popular bit system.
There will also be a basic, lower
The technology starter version of Vista is available in the developing world.
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