woodbury heights 2013-2014 school budget upgrades security, technology - smart electronic whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-18
woodbury heights 2013-2014 school budget upgrades security, technology  -  smart electronic whiteboard
The Woodbury Heights School District has released a preliminary budget including technology and security upgrades.
If approved, a budget of $4 million would include approximately $2 in taxes. 4 million. was $3.
5 million, the tax is $2. 3 million.
Three tax rates have been added to the budget.
The valuation is 9 cents per $100.
A house assessed at Woodbury Heights, with an average of $178,473, will pay an additional $70 in taxes each year.
The budget does not include any personnel changes, but it does fund capital projects and purchasesSchool District.
These projects include upgrades to external lighting, replacing carpets in classrooms with tiles, and upgrades to security cameras.
"We had a long discussion on school safety at the board level," said business administrator Scott Henry . ".
"The most important thing we think is that there is oneto-
The date and completeness of the security camera system in the building.
This is our first step.
Woodbury Heights Elementary School currently has security cameras, but Henry says the cameras are out of date and need to be replaced.
There will also be some technical upgrades in the region.
The proposed budget includes the purchase of two new smart boards for classrooms, which will provide an interactive whiteboard for each classroom of the only school in the region.
"This is a credit to our board of directors and directors," Henry said . ".
"Over the past three years, technology has been one of the areas we have focused on and they have done a great job.
The area also plans to replace several laptops sent to teachers.
Students in the autonomous city enter Woodbury Heights Primary School from pre-school
Kindergarten passes through the sixth grade before entering the Gateway School District.
The school council will be 2013-
2014 budget for primary schools 7 p for March 26. m.
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