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woodworkers challenge: building foosball tables - interactive table for schools

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-01
woodworkers challenge: building foosball tables  -  interactive table for schools
There are a lot of great football tables on the market today, but some people like to do things themselves.
My husband is one of them and has studied making a football table for our family.
The table has to be very strong and weighs about 350 pounds so that the table does not move when the race becomes exciting.
3/4 plywood works best, heavier than solid wood, cheaper (
Especially heavy hard wood like Maple)
Despite the need to redouble efforts in some areas.
In addition to birch plywood and scrap board, you will need some other basic materials provided by the local hardware store, including wood screws and glue, nuts and bolts connecting legs, four layers of plexiglass that can be adjusted to cover the surface of the game, transparent spray glue, hinges, and some veneer strips to make the table look perfect.
If you are a carpentry then most buildings can easily find the answer.
There are only two parts on the table that may need to be explained.
The first part is the return, and the second part is the field.
The lower and upper halves of the Foosball table are made separately and then assembled together with hinges so that the return of the ball can be accessed if necessary.
There is a ball return on both sides of the table, and from each goal to the respective return there is a simple ramp in the shape of yml Golf (
People who score get the ball).
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