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yes, donald trump really went to an ivy league school - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-15
yes, donald trump really went to an ivy league school  -  smart
Donald Trump likes to talk about how smart he is.
So where does this really smart person go to school?
The Trump campaign did not respond to inquiries about candidate education.
When he was young, he went to private Kew-
Forest School in Forest Hill, Queens, his father Frederick is a very wealthy real estate developer, where he serves as a board member.
Behavioral problems caused Donald to leave the school, at which point he was sent to the New York Military Academy by his parents at the age of 13, who the parents were, according to the biography.
It is hoped that "the discipline of the school will guide his energy in a positive way.
"He did a good job there, then spent two years at Fordham University, the Jesuit school in Bronx, then transferred to Penn, studied economics for two years, graduated in 1968, bachelor degree.
He studied at the famous Wharton School in Pennsylvania.
Although he did not attend Wharton's prestigious MBA program, 2007 Wharton alumni magazine published Trump under the title "the best brand in the real estate industry.
"Penn is one of eight private colleges and universities in the vaunted Ivy League, known for accepting exceptionally smart students, great candidates, heritage, children of famous and/or very wealthy people.
How did Trump enter the University of Pennsylvania?
An article in 2011 Salon magazine mentions a 2001 book by Gwenda Blair called "Ace: three generations to build empire.
It said Trump's performance at the Jesuit school in New York, Fordham, was "respectable" and he was admitted to Pennsylvania after an interview with a "friendly" Wharton admissions officer, he is an old classmate of Trump's brother.
The article also noted that Trump happily allowed the media to report that he won the first place in his class at Wharton School, including a report in The New York Times in 1973 and 1976 stories about him.
But the story goes on: Wharton alumni magazine wrote
Up to some extent: Irony is understatement.
I searched Google for the words "clown" and "Trump" and got about 137,000 results in 0. 34 seconds. (
Determine the name of UPenn Wharton. )
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