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'yes, i'm different, but our differences make us unique' - interactive whiteboard technology

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-24
\'yes, i\'m different, but our differences make us unique\'  -  interactive whiteboard technology
My name is Sinead Burke and some of me.
At the age of 22, I was 105 cm tall (3ft 5 in).
I was born with a genetic disease called "achondroplasi" that I inherited from my dad: My mom is average height and my dad is also a little guy.
I am the oldest of the five children and the only one who is very small.
My three sisters and one brother are all tall.
What does it mean to be a little person, and if you don't study too much of the science behind this situation, how does it affect me, dysplasia is a form of undue restriction of growth.
The word Achondroplasia literally means "no cartilage formation ".
Cartilage is a tough but flexible tissue that makes up most of the bones during early development.
However, in cartilage dysplasia, the problem is not to form cartilage, but to convert cartilage into bone, especially in long bones of arms and legs.
People with poor development are short in shape.
The average height of male adult dysplasia is 131 cm (4ft 4in)
The average height of adult women is 124 cm (4ft 1in).
Features of dysplasia include average
Trunk size, short arms and legs, particularly short upper limbs and thighs, limited range of elbow activity.
People often ask me when I realize I'm different.
I can't answer this question, some people seem surprised.
I was never told I was different.
I have always been a singer.
I'm like my dad.
My parents always instill in me the belief that I can do whatever I want.
My height is not a deterrent, nor does it make me who I am now.
It's like my long brown hair or brown eyes-it's a difference between me and quite a few people.
Looking back, I am very grateful to my parents for their inclusive approach to my development.
It was their constant support, encouragement and advice that enabled me to achieve everything that had been done so far.
The biggest challenge I face as a little person is mainly due to the physical environment because I live in a world that is not built for me.
The light switches and door handles are usually not accessible to me as they are designed to be at the best height for those who are higher.
There are quite a few pre-
Planning before going somewhere for the first time, the bathroom can be difficult.
The height of the lock on the door and the ability to reach the washbasin, soap dispenser and hand
There are difficulties with the dryer.
Imagine if you have to live in a world that is completely built for me.
What would you do with my resignation certificate five years ago?
I am one of those students who know what I want to do after I finish my studies.
I had an option on Cao's form, which scared the school's career guidance board very much.
My first and only option is CM001-course code for studying bachelor of education at Colaiste Mhuire in Marina.
I want to be a primary school teacher.
Both my English and Irish English got A and I am happy to accept my position in CET-4 and CET-6
A year course I like very much.
Throughout the course, each student's teaching has been evaluated five times in teaching practice.
I'm really lucky to be able to experience teaching at a variety of course levels, single
Sex schools, mixed schools, public and private schools.
When people know that I am a qualified primary school teacher, I often encounter surprises and a series of problems, including "how the child reacts, how you do it ", the children are some of the most open and inclusive.
It is often the adults who have difficulties in accepting differences.
The kids I had the privilege of teaching were certainly curious about my height, but it was never a negative factor that affected the quality of my teaching.
On the first day of my internship, a young girl raised her hand and shouted, "little teacher! Little Teacher!
"I walked up to the baby and asked her very politely if she was looking for me.
I asked her if she knew my name.
She simply answered with the "little teacher" and I suddenly understood that this young child was looking for my attention, not the attention of the class teacher, because I had arranged the activity.
She couldn't remember my name and used the two most distinctive features of the teacher in the room to determine which of us she was looking.
After I explained that my name was Miss Burke, she continued to tell me that "Mary" had borrowed all her crayons and I needed immediate help!
I remember affectionately teaching the fourth lesson at a local school, and when a boy's curiosity overcame him, he suddenly broke out.
Class, I asked, "Why are you so small, Miss Burke"
I answered a question with a question.
I asked him, "Why are you a boy, why are you not a girl? " his initial reaction was fear.
When he began to think about it, he replied, "I don't know. this is how I was born.
"I replied that I agreed with him and said I didn't have all the answers to why I was very young.
Like him, I was born like this.
Just as he did not sit in the womb and choose to be a boy, I did not lie there and choose to be small.
This is my talent.
Although children are naturally curious and receptive, they also have the desire to help teachers.
I am sure you will remember with deep affection how eager you are to "send a message" or send the volume to the office.
While teaching, with the children working hard to help, the various challenges I faced were overcome due to the physical classroom environment.
When using interactive whiteboards and posting posters on the wall, they help to turn the lights on and off.
These jobs are converted into group activities or tasks that rotate around the class.
I love my time training to be a teacher, and I am very excited when I finish four years of my studies and finally get a first-level honors degree.
On the day of graduation, the college provided a modified dress, and I received the Vail Foster medal.
This was awarded by the Irish national teacher organization to a student who received the highest score in the final teaching practice placement.
It was a big surprise for me, but it was one of my proudest achievements so far.
When I finished my degree, I entered a field of employment drought.
In the past 12 months, instead of traveling miles to find "water", I have received a master's degree in a contrasting field.
While education is always my first love, the master of radio and television broadcasting production I completed was one of the most valuable but challenging experiences I have ever experienced.
During the year, I improved my voice in print, visual and auditory media and developed skills in production, editing, writing, presentation and director.
A core part of the course is industry placement, where I was fortunate enough to learn from institutions such as RTE Radio and Tyrone Productions.
The climax of the course was the production of two main projects: radio documentaries and television documentaries.
While my radio talk records the development of computer programming for children, especially in relation to the CoderDojo movement, my visual documentary is based on my life as a little person.
As the protagonist, director, producer, photographer, editor and sound engineer of the film, the film is very demanding. But I got a reward for a product that gave me a real understanding of the life of a little guy.
I received my master's grade last week and I was ecstatic to see that I got a first class honor.
From the first time I remember my parents telling me that I can do and achieve everything I want no matter how tall and in shape I am, it may have been 20 years.
They can't say it right anymore.
Being a little person is a gift, but it is also a challenge that encourages me to think outside the box when facing obstacles.
In 1998, my parents set up a charity organization for the little people.
Little Irish people (LPI)
Provide support, education and social opportunities for small people and their families.
LPI celebrated its 15 th anniversary this year.
Please find us at www. lpi. ie.
I have the privilege of growing up in this charity and developing friendships with people like me.
You may wonder if my children and I are the same in every way.
Not at all-our height is a common thread running on each of us, but we are different in almost every other way.
Some are champions of sports, others are incredible musicians, many are taking state exams, and some are learning to walk and talk.
It is the difference of each of us that makes us unique and makes life interesting.
My name is Sinead Burke and I am not just a little guy.
I am a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a cousin, a niece.
I am a person, a teacher, a broadcaster, a speaker, a music lover, a fashion blogger.
Come and visit me at minniemelange. word press.
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