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yoga helps school turn digital - smart board drivers

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-19
yoga helps school turn digital  -  smart board drivers
While the world is still discussing the pros and cons of yoga on the eve of the International Yoga Day of June 21, students at Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga Rao Municipal High School appreciate this ancient practice very much.
Until 2014, the school had no basic facilities and saw a woman --
When the city police chief A. , luck smiled. B.
Venkateswara Rao passed the bill on August.
The reason is: he was shown by the students on the show held by Tummalapalli Kalakshetram to celebrate the 14 th anniversary of Andra kaisari Tanguturi prakassam
The dedication of the six students-Swati, Dana Lakshmi, Bharathi, Uma Maheswari, Indu and Aparna-moved the top police officer, who was at the sponsor
School facilities.
"A digital smart board of black board size has been installed to help students learn the course in a modern way.
The focus will be on graphics and live pictures.
"This feature will be used for students in classes 6 to X to achieve effective teaching," said school principal Gracemma . ".
She added that an expert in Bangalore trained all teachers in digital instruction and that an operator would soon be joining the school.
"The facility will be opened by the police chief later this month," she noted . ".
The school's dating and yoga began as Vijay Avada municipal company. VMC)
When the PE teacher was not appointed, a yoga teacher Surya Kumari was dispatched.
"I gradually won the hearts of many young girls who like yoga.
"Six girls once came to IGMC stadium for advanced training and they started to perform well in competitions and projects," said the yoga teacher . ".
Thanks to yoga, the school has witnessed development activities such as renovating toilets, more classrooms, furniture, books, libraries, etc.
Reading Room, garbage dump cleaning, Greening, drilling, water tank, sanitary kitchen
A day's dinner and colorful coat were prepared for the building.
"CP is not happy with the tap and he is eager to replace it quickly with a brand new tap," says Gracemma . ". The 400-
The school's eccentric female students are from social poverty.
Economic background.
None of the parents of the students have a fixed job in an organized department.
They all work as car drivers, or pull rickshaws, or as day-paid workers.
Interestingly, the school passed.
In class X public exams in 2014 and 2015.
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