Development Trend of Touchscreen HMI

The overall outlook is promising

The Chinese government regards stable growth as the top priority of economic work for some time in the future. At the same time, it also pointed out for the first time that the operation of the Chinese economy will present an "L"-shaped trend, and accordingly issued a series of policy measures in succession. Many of these policy measures are unprecedented, such as cutting overcapacity, destocking, deleveraging, reducing costs, and making up for shortcomings. This shows that the decision-makers have accurate judgments and adequate risk estimates on the current trend of China's economic operation. Therefore, based on China's economic foundation and development prospects, the overall prospects for the future are promising.



Strong demand and rapid growth in developing countries

With the joint efforts of mankind, the epidemic will be gradually brought under control, and the increasing adoption of human-machine interface technology in emerging economies is expected to drive the overall market in the coming years.


Rapid technological development

The latest generation of HMI products incorporates and builds on the best features of previous generations of HMI and operator interface terminals by incorporating proven commercial technologies. New technology advantages include open source, affordable configuration, ease of use, integrated screens and flexible ports, network and cloud-based connectivity, mobile devices, and more.


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