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What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a new media concept. It refers to a multimedia professional audio-visual system that releases commercial, financial and entertainment information through large screen terminal display equipment in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other public places where people flow together. It aims at the specific physical place, the specific time period to carry on the advertisement information broadcast to the specific crowd, lets it obtain the advertisement effect.

In public places, convenient digital signal can meet the needs of the public for information circulation. With the help of digital signal, information can be transmitted to the public and publicity can be carried out. With the touch screen technology, which is easy to operate and maintain, it is more suitable for different groups of people to query and visit, and expand the scope of information transmission. It can provide the public with traffic information, self-service reservation / reservation, public facilities inquiry, tourism, entertainment, special catering and other public inquiry information. The use of wireless communication terminal equipment can also easily download the query results, which is an excellent scheme to enhance public information and shape the image of the city. It can be effectively used in government hall, square, airport, station, hotel and other typical places.

The invention of digital signs provides people with a new and dynamic way of information exchange. Whether in the street or in the department store, people can often see the signs promoting the latest products. Business people who often travel on business are very familiar with the digital signs showing the latest flight information in the airport. In foreign countries, some people call it "the fifth media" in parallel with paper media, radio, television and Internet.

Characteristics of Digital Signage

1. The fool program editing interface allows operators to use the editing and publishing software without special training to publish all kinds of digital information, such as text, icon, animation, video, audio information, etc. at any time and anywhere, and integrate them into a "digital sign" and release them in the form of advertisement.

2. Convenient maintenance. The system plays automatically, without the management and operation of a special person. Even if the terminal player is accidentally powered off, the system will automatically play again after being powered on again, without manual operation.

3. Powerful multi-layer hybrid editing function, supporting composite video, component video, HDTV HD video and other mainstream formats, and realizing mixed display of arbitrary window opening, transparent overlay, stunt flip, scrolling text, etc.

4. Using a variety of media representation (video, audio, pictures, animation), called narrowcast system.

5. A kind of dynamic advertisement, which allows the content to change constantly.

6. It is similar to TV advertisement and advertisement on webpage, but it has strong pertinence, flexible form and on-demand content. Therefore, it can be borrowed from various existing production tools (such as: Web page production, VCD production, FLASH production, etc.).

7. It is a new technology produced by the integration of network technology, multimedia broadcasting technology and software component development and integration technology. It is a user-oriented technology, that is, users can easily learn to make various signs by themselves.

8. This is a technology that is developing rapidly and is becoming mature, including in technology, market and industry structure. In the past few years, only a few places had electronic signs, such as bank teller machines with CRT touch screens and information desks at railway stations. But in recent years, it has been seen everywhere, in supermarkets, hotels, buses, even restaurants, canteens, everywhere there are digital signs.

Where can I find high quality digital signal? 

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