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1. What is interactive flat panel ?

Interactive flat panel is a new type of conference product which has emerged in the past two years. It is specially designed for the application of modern digital conference room. It uses high-definition LCD screen as the display and operation platform. It integrates electronic whiteboard, wireless projection, remote conference and high-definition display in one, which can replace the traditional projector and white board, and is more concise and easy to operate.

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2.What are the functions of the interactive flat panel ?

Touch writing, multi touch

The interactive flat panel is a new type of interactive touch screen developed by infrared induction technology, which has fast response speed. It supports multi touch and multi person writing at the same time. It can write, wipe, enlarge, shrink and move the content. It can annotate and remark at any time. It can switch the font color arbitrarily, zoom and drag the writing content arbitrarily, and add unlimited pages to the writing area Legal expression is more free and topic discussion is more interactive.

High definition image quality

The interactive flat panel mostly adopts LCD + operating system mode, with high resolution, real color, and can see the screen without turning off the lights. The picture quality is clear and smooth, so that every detail of the product picture is presented delicately, and the PPT display is more tall, and the audience can see it more clearly from any angle.

Multi person interaction on the same screen

Using wireless transmission technology, users can achieve wireless projection without projection through data line. All device compatible, whether it is smart phones, tablets, or traditional laptops, can transfer content to the conference tablet; and it can realize the two-way operation between PC and conference tablet. Support multi person interaction on the same screen, such as mobile phone tablet computer, multiple mobile devices can be connected to the same network to achieve two-way interaction on the same screen.

Remote video

Intelligent interactive flat panel is usually equipped with remote conference video system. No matter where the participants are, they can hold real-time meetings across countries and regions.

Other functions

Most interactive flat panel  have strong expansibility, can be compatible with a variety of USB devices, network cards, wireless keyboard, mouse, one machine to meet a variety of needs; and most of them have windows and Android intelligent dual system, easy to operate, support one key conversion, can also add apps to meet the personalized needs of enterprises in different fields.


A lot of people will ask if the interactive tablet works well. We will give you the best answer.

Easy to use, of course. Three basic functions + four value-added functions to solve the industry pain points.

Three basic functions

Intelligent writing

Intelligent screen projection

Remote meeting instrument

The three basic functions of the conference tablet are intelligent writing, intelligent screen casting and remote meeting instrument.

1.It solves the inconvenience of writing, displaying and erasing the general office supplies

2.Put an end to the dust, chemical products on the human body and the environment

3.Simplify the traditional projector + computer + screen and other equipment

4.Intelligent screen projection simplifies the preparation work before the meeting and improves the office efficiency.

Four value added functions

Multi screen real time interaction

Two way control

Intelligent conference solution

Cloud data analysis

1.Multi screen interaction allows participants and decision makers to compare their ideas and solutions more intuitively. At the same time, they can modify and annotate in real time

2.Two way control is different from the traditional screen casting function, which can only be used to control the conference panel with the screen projection device. The two-way control function allows the conference panel to control the screen casting equipment, so as to achieve the purpose of reverse operation. It is also a sharp tool to improve the efficiency of the meeting.

3.Intelligent conference solution can automatically arrange reasonable meeting process according to the meeting process of different customers, and optimize and merge unreasonable links.

4.Cloud data analysis is based on the data given by customers and intelligently analyzes the optimal scheme.

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