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What is a document high definition camera scanner?

High definition video camera, also known as speed camera or speed camera, generally speaking, we call it high speed camera, or some educational institutions call it lesson preparation king. It is a newly developed ultra portable low-carbon office supplies, and is also an innovative product in the field of office. It has the foldable super convenient design, can complete one second high-speed scanning, has OCR character recognition function, and can convert the scanned image recognition into an editable word document. It can also take photos, video, copy, network paperless fax, e-book production, trimming and righting and other operations. Its perfect solution makes office easier, faster and more environmentally friendly.

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First, energy saving and environmental protection, diverse appearance, small size, easy to carry, especially suitable for mobile office, the size is only 1 / 10 of the ordinary scanner.

Second, one second can scan the documents within A3 to the computer, which greatly improves the office efficiency and reduces the office time.

Third, it can be used for physical display and recording audio DV images.

Fourth, it can directly print the captured documents to 1:1, instead of the copier.

Fifthly, OCR recognition can be carried out on the pictures taken, and the pictures can be converted into word editable documents and typeset automatically.

Sixthly, the paperless fax technology is integrated into the system. Even if there is no fax machine, the fax can still be sent, which significantly improves the fax efficiency.

Seventh, books, magazines, contracts and other documents can be directly e-mail, saving time and effort.

Eighth, it is convenient to carry. The folding high-speed sounder can undoubtedly be carried with you.


1. Document scanning

With USB2.0 interface, the transmission speed can reach 480mbps. The 200 μ pixel sensor is equipped with 300 (080 million) high-definition lens to provide high-quality scanning, and the maximum scanning size can reach A3 format. Whether it is color books, bills, ID cards or manuscript documents, JPG or set format files can be easily obtained and saved to the computer.

2. Making e-books

Through the book page shooting, automatically organized into a PDF file format e-book, hard disk storage, convenient storage, transmission.

3. Shooting in kind

By folding the product, it is convenient to take pictures of physical objects, including photographers and objects, and save the data to disk. At the same time, continuous shooting can be carried out, and the time interval can be set by yourself.

4. Video recording

The HPD provides real-time DV video recording function, which is easy to operate and has high video quality. The length of recording time can be set according to the size of hard disk.

5. HD million video camera

In QQ video or network video, provide smooth high-definition picture.

6. Make signature

With the high-speed meter, you can make your own handwritten signature, and extract the name. In the future electronic documents, you just need to paste the name on the document to realize direct autograph, fax and document printing.

7. Physical projector

The high-resolution camera has an active structure, which can shoot any object in the space and finally display on the computer screen. With the projector, it can be directly projected onto the screen.

8. Copying fax mail

It can quickly obtain paper documents, objects and other image documents, and can be printed by black and white or color printer in real time, or sent out by network fax directly.

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ITATOUCH Wireless Intelligent Document Scanner integrated the high definition video camera and smart control management, and adopt 5.8G WIFIwith USB internet adapter and magnetic charging method offer user free, easy teaching/presentation experience.

This visualizer directly connects with the interactive flat panel display or the computer of interactive whiteboard by USB wireless adapter or cable.

portable wirless 5G wifi A3, A4 shot size document visualizer presenter scanner with wall mount box case, and CMOS, 8 megapixels, 1200 optical sensor

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