How to choose a document camera visualizer

How to choose a document camera visualizer

Following the advent of home working and the digitization of the classroom and meeting space, a bewildering array of document cameras have emerged. To choose the best one for you, there are a number of things you need to consider.

First look at where you will be displaying your image. For video conferencing, it’s usually more convenient to use a USB connection, so some conference and classroom setups are better equipped for HDMI. That way, you can plug the document camera straight into a video projector with no logging into computers or admin passwords.

Also consider what resolution you'll need. To capture a larger document, the lens typically needs to be higher up, and to get the same detail you’ll need more megapixels. On the flip side, smaller cameras are more portable, so there's a compromise to be made there.

Here are some other factors to take into account:

· Connectors: If the device sports a USB connector, it’ll likely be very convenient to set up because the computer will detect it as a webcam. This, in turn, means live meetings will be a possibility.

· Lighting: If you’re working in a well-lit room, this might not be worth seeking, but if you’re aiming to capture consistent, evenly lit views of open pages then built in lighting will be essential.

· Image sensor: Bearing in mind a standard 1080P TV image can be described as two megapixels, that is enough for viewers to see type (and in a lecture theatre might well be the limit of the projection quality available). Eight megapixels (4K) and above are better choices if you’re looking to capture and keep graphics / archive to choose a document camera visualizer-img

· Autofocus: Cameras which can focus (as opposed to fixed focus) tend to get the sharpest images, so a focusing lens is worth looking for.

· Frame rate: If you’re looking to use live-streaming, we’d recommend a camera capable of 30fps – a common standard. Many offer a lower 15fps, which is still not a problem, but might look a little jerky to audiences. news-How to choose a document camera visualizer-ITATOUCH-img

· Shoot size: Many of the visualizer in the market can only shoot a 4 Size document. If you have documents bigger than A4 to show, the shoot size you have to consider,Otherwise, it will be very


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