How to make a worthwhile deal on the touch panel

I often find some customers infer if the interactive digital display is suitable for their company which just simply refer to the price and general parameters offered. As my experience, I think it is not a good job, at least not know the deal deeply.、

Do you know why it cost higher/lower? Is this salesman professional? how is the quality of this touch display?

Maybe you will say the parameters you required are the same, and the appearance is similar, while the price given you is higher than the one from other companies/factories. No, it makes the misunderstanding, because the interactive touch display comes with some hidden managements by the different manufacturers from the screen panel, touch PCB, shell treatments mainboard, power board, accessories ... etc., even the package method ...

How do you identify these items?

Good questions! I will share some tips at the next article file to clarify how to handle these cases, include,

1.  How to know the main hardware configurations of Interactive Touch Panel is good for your business.

2.  What treatment is good for Shell Case of Commerce Display

3.  Which features of Interactive board are better for Education Classroom

4.  Features for Interactive Conference

5.  How to negotiate with Chinese Supplier

a series of experience will be shared. It can help you make more successful and great deals, and some skills to get easy communication with suppliers, especially you would purchase the goods of LCD digital display from China.

How do you know my sharing can help you?

I am a veteran saleswoman with over 8 years in interactive products, the attached is the feedback from customers.

ITATOUCH-How To Make A Worthwhile Deal On The Touch Panel

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Thank you in advance!

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