How to Realize Screen Projection?

At present, there are mainly the following ways to realize the screen projection of mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices on the multimedia teaching all-in-one touchscreen.

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1.projection software


Under the Android system, the screen projection function can be realized by using the screen projection software. Install the receiving end software on the multimedia touch all-in-one flat panel, and then install the software on the sending end device (mobile phone, computer), and start the software to realize screen projection.


2. the wireless screen projector-Dongle

Under the Windows system, you need to use a dongle for screen projection. The device can wireless connect with mobile phone, ipad, tablet, laptop / PC and mirring screens by APP and dongle.

 laptops and computers only need to plug in the USB transmitter of the dongle, and press the button to cast the screen.


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