in 2023 which document camera visualizer is the right one for you?

The best document visualizer allow you to zoom in closely onto documents, books or small objects in order to display them on larger screens to students, colleagues or conference delegates. 

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In that sense, they're similar to the overhead projectors of old, although much more flexible. Most, for example, can also capture images or video. So whether you want one for education or work purposes, they offer a wonderful way to bring your subject to life (one reason they're often referred to as 'visualizers'.)

And, the best document visualizers aren't just useful when you're in the classroom, meeting room or conference space. Typically, you can also connect them to conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Meet. And they're also used by live streamers using tools like OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). 


They can be used as a convenient document scanner, too, and they're obviously a lot more portable than a traditional flatbed scanner. Some come with software that can sequence pages automatically, and the resolution is often good enough for emailing contracts. Archivists, especially, will appreciate the ability to capture uneven documents; this is very handy for running OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on bound books.  


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