Interactive Flat Panel has different functions in teaching

Interactive Flat Panel has different functions in teaching


Interactive Flat Panel integrates the advantages of ordinary blackboard and modern multimedia teaching. With the development of social science and technology, Multimedia technology has entered the classroom for a long time, but the multimedia courseware used in traditional teaching can only be presented in the order arranged in advance. Teachers give lectures around the "stereotyped" courseware and make the classroom a preset performance. It is difficult to make timely adjustments according to the actual situation of students' learning, and lack the most wonderful "improvisation" in classroom teaching. Therefore, as a new generation of interactive flat panel has been welcomed by the majority of teachers and students with unparalleled advantages. It not only inherits the advantages of ordinary blackboard, but also integrates the advantages of modern multimedia teaching. Its special technology can just meet the development needs of classroom teaching.The application and popularization of interactive flat panel in classroom teaching optimizes teaching means, creates realistic teaching environment, creates lively interactive atmosphere, fully mobilizes students' learning enthusiasm, arouses students' interest in learning, stimulates their intelligence, and improves classroom teaching efficiency.In particular, it has unique advantages in interactive learning, cooperative learning, heuristic learning and so on.

1、 What is whiteboard flat panel?

Whiteboard flat panel, also known as electronic interactive whiteboard, is a new high-tech electronic teaching system. It is integrated by hardware electronic induction whiteboard and software whiteboard operating system. The electronic whiteboard integrates the traditional blackboard, computer, projector and other functions in one, which is very convenient to use. With the support of special application program, you can operate the whiteboard with your fingers without any induction pen, and the whiteboard has the functions of chalk and mouse. The contents written on the whiteboard are displayed synchronously on the PC to form a large screen and interactive teaching environment.

2、 The function of interactive flat panel in teaching

Interactive electronic whiteboard not only presents multimedia resources, but also can directly carry out "marking", "writing" and various human-computer interaction operations on the pictures, words and videos presented. Teachers do not need to change the teaching behavior of "blackboard writing + explanation", which makes up for some shortcomings of traditional courseware and activates the interaction between teachers and students in the classroom.

The use of interactive flat panel has established a good environment for learners to learn. Using the function of whiteboard to attract students' interest in learning, successfully mobilize the enthusiasm of students, and play a good role in the study of the theme content. If you can't understand what you have learned after learning, you can use the playback function of whiteboard to quickly play back the learning content, which plays a role of induction and summary.

The use of interactive flat panel improves the effect of classroom feedback and timely evaluation, and can consolidate the knowledge learned by students in class.Make full use of the whiteboard's annotation function to put a large number of exercise questions on the screen. The whiteboard can record the answers written by students. After the discussion, the students can answer the questions according to the answers written by the students on the whiteboard, and can annotate the students' answers.By scanning the QR code, all the contents can be transmitted to the mobile phone or iPad to watch at any time without missing any information.

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