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High Quality Smart Board Infrared Interactive Whiteboard Cheap Price With Multi-touch Screen


What is interactive whiteboard?

      Interactive electronic whiteboard is a kind of human-computer interaction equipment for education or conference, which can realize the functions of dust-free writing, random writing and remote conference. In terms of hardware principle, interactive whiteboard integrates computer, player, projector, projection cloth, tablet, etc. At present, there are many kinds of technologies that can realize the accurate positioning of electronic whiteboard in the international or domestic markets. The representative technologies are electromagnetic induction, infrared, resistance, ultrasonic, CCD light scanning and so on. At present, most of Haoli interactive electronic whiteboard adopts infrared induction technology, inlaid around the screen, forming a scanning network surface, supporting 6-point infrared touch.

What convenience can interactive whiteboard bring?

1、 The use of interactive electronic whiteboard technology can introduce various types of digital information resources in time, conveniently and flexibly, and can flexibly edit, organize, display and control multimedia materials. It makes the presentation of digital resources more flexible, and solves the problem that the structure of teaching materials using courseware and slide notes is highly fixed under the environment of multimedia projection system in the past Question.

2、 Electronic whiteboard teaching is conducive to mobilize students' learning initiative and enthusiasm and improve the quality of learning. In the application of interactive electronic whiteboard teaching, a white board induction pen in the teacher's hand is not only a multi-functional pen, but also a mouse, which breaks the restriction that teachers can only use mouse in front of the computer when using multimedia courseware, gives teachers more space to play, makes teaching more vivid, strengthens the collision and exchange of ideas between teachers and students, and achieves twice the result with half the effort .

3、 Interactive electronic whiteboard technology makes the color monotonous before, and the blackboard that teaching presents only handwritten words and hand-painted graphics becomes colorful. It can not only freely write on the blackboard as before, but also display and edit digital pictures and videos. This will help to improve students' interest in learning and make teaching more effective.

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