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About Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboard is a great integration of computers, projectors, screens, electronic whiteboards, advertising machines, television, audio and remote conference terminals and other equipment. At present, it is mainly used in the fields of government and enterprise affairs, education and training.With intelligent human-computer interaction experience, multi device wireless transmission screen, split screen remote conference, interactive document presentation, network multimedia playback, live audio, screen writing and other rich systematic conference functions, completely subverts the traditional conference mode, and focuses on solving various pain points and disadvantages existing in the conference for many years.

According to the survey data, enterprises spend about 20000 rmb on meeting materials such as projectors, whiteboards and conference markers every year. Therefore, for enterprise users, choosing an appropriate interactive whiteboard brand can reduce the enterprise procurement cost to a certain extent. The important point of choosing to use interactive whiteboard is that it can show the strength of the enterprise and shape a good image.

At present, there are many interactive whiteboard products on the market. Although the brands are different, the overall functions are similar. In 2020, telecommuting has become a hot topic, leading to a surge in demand for interactive whiteboard market, and also greatly improving the social awareness of categories. It can be predicted that in the future, whether or not we need to start with this intelligent conference equipment and realize remote office will continue to be a favorable factor for enterprises to transform to digital.

Characteristic of Interactive Whiteboard

4K Ultra Clear Screen

4K, namely UHD, generally refers to the horizontal resolution of about 4000 pixels, screen resolution of 3840x2160 or 4096 × 2160 pixels, similar to FHD, HD, etc.

At present, there are led and LCD (commonly known as liquid crystal screen) two kinds of screens. LCD includes TFT, UFB, TFD, STN and other types of LCD. There is also an IPS screen based on TFT technology. LED is composed of light-emitting diodes, suitable for low-definition display requirements. LCD is composed of liquid crystal unit, which is suitable for those with strict definition requirements, and the display effect is relatively natural. Moreover, LCD can only be displayed through backlight panel Overall, LCD is more in line with the mainstream trend of intelligent conference tablet.

Touch Writing

At present, the main methods of touch are infrared, capacitance and electromagnetism. At present, the touch technology of intelligent conference panel is mainly infrared recognition. The difference between infrared, capacitance and electromagnetism can be seen in the following table.

The difference between infrared touch screen, capacitive touch screen and electromagnetic touch screen
infrared touch screenIt is not interfered by current, voltage and static electricity. It is also explosion-proof and dustproof. It has a long service life and is suitable for large size.However, it is easy to be interfered by strong infrared rays such as remote control, high temperature objects, incandescent lamps, solar rays, and strong electromagnetic objects such as transformers
capacitive touch screenIt has the advantages of high transmittance and high resolution, sensitive response and high recognition accuracy, but the operation must rely on the electromagnetic pen
electromagnetic touch screenIt supports multi touch, and has high durability in dustproof, waterproof and wear resistance. At the same time, due to the characteristics of human body current induction, it is not easy to misunderstand. However, there is color distortion caused by reflection.

At the same time, touch interaction technology is the core embodiment of an intelligent conference tablet, which is reflected in whether it has high sensitivity performance, whether it can multi touch, whether it has achieved high precision stroke.

High Quality Cinema Sound

Part of the interactive whiteboard uses multi array microphone, combined with echo cancellation, noise suppression, beamforming and other voice algorithms, clear pickup, and is equipped with 2.0 channel or digital audio system to create high fidelity sound quality and cinema level stereo sound effect.

Wireless One Screen &  Multi Screen Interaction

The wireless same screen, also known as wireless projection, its working principle is to use the wireless transmission mode to transmit the image data and other contents in the notebook computer, smart phone or tablet computer to the computer screen, TV screen or other peripheral large screen supporting this function.

Multi screen interaction, through WiFi network connection or the same LAN, realize screen conversion between different devices. But there is still a difference between wireless projection and multi screen interaction.

The main difference between wireless projection and multi screen interaction

Wireless projectionMulti screen interaction
Mutually controlledThe common wireless screen projection can not realize the mutual control between the devices, and can only realize the one-sided screen projectionMulti screen interaction can realize mutual control, content sharing and function  integration between devices
Content communicationIn general, wirele projection can only realize one-way screen projection. We can only operate at the signal end or receiving end of the screenMulti screen interaction can be understood as a mirror mode of screen casting, whether in the signal sending end or signal receiving end equipment operation, on both sides of the equipment can have an impact
Screen conversionWireless projection is just a kind of amplification of small screenMulti screen interaction is not only the display from small screen to large screen, but also the large screen can be displayed on the small screen

Remote Collaboration

In recent years, the trend of working from home or away from the office has become more and more popular. Especially this year (2020), telecommuting has become a hot topic. Remote collaboration is such a process to eliminate the limitation of geographical location. No matter where the enterprise members are in the world, they can complete the information exchange and sharing cooperation among the members by using intelligent conference panel and cloud conference system and other tools.

Dual System

In addition to the standard Android system, the interactive whiteboard can also be equipped with its own or optional OPS module to install windows system.

How to choose the right interactive whiteboard?

How much is the budget?

Budget is always the most important and critical point in purchasing a product. At present, smart conference tablets have different prices due to different models or sizes. There are thousands of them and tens of thousands of them. Of course, the higher the price, the more luxurious the smart conference tablet will be.

How big is the conference room?

The larger the conference room is, the larger the size of the conference board needs to be selected. Of course, you don't care about the budget, and you like to enjoy the ultimate visual effect. You can also use a large size in a small conference room. At present, the sizes of interactive whiteboard on the market mainly include 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches, 86 inches and 98 inches. 55 inches are suitable for small conference rooms, 65-75 inches are suitable for medium-sized meeting rooms, and 86-98 inches are suitable for large conference rooms.

Select the size of the interactive whiteboard according to the area of the meeting room

55 inch65 inch75 inch86 inch98 inch
Meeting room area/square meter8-15 15-2525-3535-4545+
Number of participants/pc1010-1515-2525-4040+

What are the usage scenarios?

For conference rooms? For the exhibition hall? For education and training? Or something else? When using conference room, document display and writing function should be powerful; when using exhibition hall, media playing function should be strong; when using education and training, whiteboard writing function should be powerful, etc. Determine the main target use scenarios, focusing on the selection of more powerful intelligent conference tablet in this usage scenario.

Brand & Product Service

Generally speaking, when we select a product, we give priority to the big brands with good sales volume, so as to have a better product service experience. For example, perfect after-sales service can help us save time and effort. Therefore, when selecting the interactive whiteboard, we should not only consider the brand factor, but also know whether to support free on-site installation and training, and how many after-sales outlets are available. After all, the quality of goods and service is also a reflection of brand strength.

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