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In order to enhance the team awareness of employees, highlight the corporate culture, let employees relax after work, and enjoy the beautiful and pleasant scenery of nature. ITA Touch company specially organized a "Zhaoqing two-day tour" to learn about Lingnan culture. This activity not only enriches everyone's spare time life, but also strengthens the cooperation among various departments, so as to enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, show the team cooperation spirit of ITA Touch company, and let everyone better invest in the future work.


On November 23, 2019, the elites of Shenzhen ITA Touch Technology Co., Ltd. took their families and took the bus to Zhaoqing for their two-day tour. On the way, we talked and laughed happily. At this time, everyone's expression was very relaxed, especially the company could let you travel with their families and feel the benefits brought by the company from all aspects. They were in no mood Than joy.

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After a three-and-a-half-hour drive, we arrived at Zhaoqing at noon. The company arranged for everyone to enjoy Zhaoqing's delicious food, such as tea oil chicken, water tofu flower, steamed Wenqing carp, wrapped steamed zongzi and so on. After lunch, we began to play our first scenic spot, Zhaoqing seven-star rock. Enjoy the charm of nature.


First of all, I boarded the boat and set foot on the island. The beautiful Flamingo on the island shook its beautiful feathers. It seemed to welcome us tourists from afar. The beautiful Red-Crowned Crane stretched out its long neck and told the tourists about its happiness, as well as the white pillow crane, mandarin duck, and other animals. I warmly welcomed our arrival. Don't mention how happy you are. The children are dancing. Seeing how happy everyone is, the leaders of the company are also very happy. The purpose of company travel is to make everyone happy, free from busywork, close to nature and enjoy nature.


After visiting the island in the middle of the lake, you can enjoy the fairy lake. The sparkling Lake gives you a feeling of "boating on the blue waves, people are swimming in the paintings". It's very late after playing a fairy lake. We feel very tired. The company arranged free activities after dinner, without a unified arrangement. Employees are very happy to enjoy Lingnan culture, delicious food and beautiful scenic spots alone. Thank you for your humanized arrangement.


The next morning, we arranged to visit Dinghu Mountain, the first of the four famous mountains in Nanyue. As the mountain is relatively high, in order to enhance everyone's sense of collective honor and team spirit, we divided into four groups to ensure that everyone in each group will fall behind. The first group to reach the top of the mountain will be rewarded, so we began to work in a team spirit to prevent everyone from falling behind. Those with good physical strength and poor physical strength will be supported. Some employees with children and old people will take the initiative to help them After three hours of crawling, none of the members of the four groups left behind. They successfully climbed to the top and visited the largest Baoding in China. From this point of view, the importance of teamwork is fully reflected. It also highlights the importance of corporate culture.


From the top of the mountain, although you feel tired, you are in a very happy mood. Because employees understand that our Intel Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. is a whole. Only by giving full play to everyone's strengths and making up for each other, can our company do better and stronger. This is the essence of teamwork.


After lunch, he left Zhaoqing with a reluctant mood and returned to Shenzhen to start a new job. The staff said that they would take this tour as a new starting point, play their strengths in the new work, contribute to the growth of Intel Interactive Technology Co., Ltd., and make it stronger.

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