3D Hologram Fan

HD Focus Indoor Wall Mounted Digital Hologram Display Advertising LCD Screen 3D Fan

ITATOUCH has a professional 3D holographic display technology, which is used together with remote control software. Users can publish / send advertising information content, such as video, image, text, etc. through mobile phone, computer, iPad, Android Tablet... Mobile terminal.


About The Characteristic Of 3D Hologram Fan

1. Android 7.1 OS, ARM Quad-core 1.5G Processor 16GB storage.

  The built-in Android 7.1 operating system makes the operation more convenient and fast. At the same time, the ARM quad core 1.5g processor is very fast, easy to read and write at any time. It has 16GB storage space, which can store a lot of videos to be played. Fast conversion to 3D hologram fan to change the content of video playback has a qualitative improvement.

2. Support controlling by point-to-point and network remote control; clustering, splicing, user can select the suitable solutions per various requirements.

  It supports point-to-point control and network remote control. It can control 3D holigram fan anytime and anywhere by using a mobile phone or remote control. It can change the content played with a simple action. Clustering, splicing, users can choose the appropriate solution according to different needs, we generally produce 65cm and 75cm size products, but you want to have other sizes of products, as long as you contact us, we can make customized products by splicing. Of course, this way will not affect the content of the video expression, and there is no difference in the appearance. What we do is to satisfy our customers.

3. High brightness: 1900cd/square meter, support indoor, outdoor display (with protected shell).

  The resolution is 1024x1024 and the maximum resolution is 4096x4096. High density of light beads 254pcs *4 bars to ensure the full high definition display, full real colorful, enhance the reviewing effects.The brightness is 1900 nits. This configuration can clearly see the content played by 3D hologram fan, whether indoor or outdoor. We have three installation options for 3D hologram fan: wall hanging, mobile bracket and acrylic. As long as the product is fixed in a specific position, it can work safely and reliably for you.

4. Control Method: Wi-Fi(2.4G), Management App for the mobile terminal, such as android mobile phone, Apple phone, Pad, Tablet ... etc. it is very convenient and easy to use.


  3D hologram fan has its own Wi Fi. Open WiFi to connect with the mobile terminal management application. It supports Bluetooth to transmit the video that users want to play to the application. After the transmission, the broadcast content can be switched at will without waiting.

Where Use Of 3D Hologram Fan 


 The Naked eye 3D holographic display is a new type of advertising media equipment. It uses LED light bar rotation display technology and the principle of human eye persistence to form 3D animation and video. Because there is no frame and background, it gives the visual feeling that the image is suspended in the air.3D Hologram Fan can be used in advertising industry, such as launching ceremony, cultural and entertainment performances, annual meeting activities, new product release, large-scale use place, wedding venue, real estate sand table, physical store, shopping plaza, airport, auto show, exhibition, chain store, window, museum, etc., as well as catering and entertainment industry.

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