Multi Touch Screen Whiteboard For Education

Multi touch screen interactive whiteboard for education


    With the rise of multimedia teaching forms, interactive electronic whiteboard products have gradually entered the classrooms of universities and primary and secondary schools. Especially, more and more cases of electronic whiteboard assisted teaching have been applied in primary and secondary schools. Electronic whiteboard products have become the best bridge between traditional teaching methods and modern multimedia teaching instruments. The electronic whiteboard realizes the interactive control with the computer, which can display, process and store all kinds of digital teaching materials conveniently and enrich the teaching content. What's more, the biggest feature of whiteboard is that it can be freely written on the blackboard like the traditional blackboard, and can be saved at any time, which is convenient for re application and review after class. In particular, the powerful communication computer and annotation functions of electronic whiteboard products lay a good foundation for its popularity. Whiteboard projects the contents of computer interface through projector, which is convenient for students to learn more knowledge. Through the finger or mouse pen, directly through the whiteboard interface can be like sitting next to the computer, the computer file and program system operation control. Moreover, the interactive whiteboard can easily annotate and modify the displayed contents, including PowerPoint, WORD, EXCEL documents and various formats of pictures, so as to facilitate teachers to explain the knowledge vividly and vividly for students.

What convenience does the wide application of electronic interactive whiteboard bring to teaching?

  1. The use of interactive electronic whiteboard technology can timely, conveniently and flexibly introduce various types of digital information resources, and can flexibly edit, organize, display and control multimedia materials. It makes the presentation of digital resources more flexible, and also solves the problem that the structure of teaching materials using courseware and slide notes is highly solidified under the environment of multimedia projection system in the past.

  2. Electronic whiteboard teaching is conducive to mobilize students' learning initiative and enthusiasm and improve the quality of learning. In the application of interactive electronic whiteboard teaching, a white board induction pen in the teacher's hand is not only a multi-functional pen, but also a mouse, which breaks the restriction that teachers can only use mouse in front of the computer when using multimedia courseware, gives teachers more space to play, makes teaching more vivid, strengthens the collision and exchange of ideas between teachers and students, and achieves twice the result with half the effort .

  3. Interactive electronic whiteboard technology makes the color monotonous before, and the blackboard that teaching presents only handwritten words and hand-painted graphics becomes colorful. It can not only freely write on the blackboard as before, but also display and edit digital pictures and videos. This will help to improve students' interest in learning and make teaching more effective.

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What should be paid attention to when choosing interactive whiteboard?

1. What are the types of interactive whiteboards?

Forward projection type, back projection type, plasma type, speaking desk type.

2. What are the standard configurations of interactive whiteboard?

There are 1 receiver, 1 control box, 4 electronic pen cases, 4 ordinary whiteboard pens, 1 mouse pen, 1 USB data connection cable, 1 whiteboard, 10 button batteries and 1 PC software.

3. How is the interactive whiteboard connected to the computer?

The interactive whiteboard communicates with computer through USB data line.

4. Does the interactive whiteboard need external power supply?

No need. Interactive whiteboard is an environmental protection product. It only needs a USB cable to connect with the computer, without any other external connection.

5. Do you need a projector for interactive whiteboard?

For forward projection, projector is required as display device. Back projection type, plasma type, speaking desk type do not need.

6. Can interactive whiteboard control the computer? How to write?

The electronic pen completely replaces the mouse and can directly control the computer on the board. You can also write directly on the board with electronic ink of various colors.

7. What are the requirements of interactive whiteboard for computer system?

No special requirements.

8. We need to change rooms frequently to use interactive whiteboard. Is there a solution?

Yes. The interactive whiteboard can be equipped with mobile bracket and can be pushed freely.

9. What computer applications can I use?

All computer applications. The interactive whiteboard supports any application. The software you can use on your computer can also be used on the interactive whiteboard.

10. Can the words written on the interactive whiteboard be saved and printed?


11. Can I use the right mouse button and input text on the interactive whiteboard?


12. Is the board durable? How to maintain it?

The surface of the fixed interactive white board is made of P3 enamel material imported from the United States, which is durable and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and oxidation resistance. When the board surface needs to be cleaned, it can be wiped with damp cloth or detergent.

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