The Newest Multifunctional Interactive Flat Panel for Conference and Education


The interactive touch display is a set of advanced touch screen, industrial computer, OPS computer and other technologies in one, to achieve public information query and exchange. Suitable for schools, shopping malls, banks, and other public places.

The touch screen is divided into a resistance screen, capacitance screen, surface acoustic screen, infrared screen and other excellent touch screens at home and abroad to meet the requirements of different areas and places of users. Touch all-in-one machine is a touch-screen and related software bundled together to query, exchange, teaching touch products. The touch integrated lcd led backlight screen display truly integrates touch and control, greatly improving people's work efficiency. As an input device, the interactive touch screen has many advantages, such as durability, fast response, space-saving, easy to communicate and so on. As long as users touch with their fingers, they can get the confidence they want, and realize man-machine communication conveniently and quickly.

Product advantages:

  1. Touch technology, support USB interface touch.

  2.  Touch base with adjustable height and angle.

  3. Multi-touch, up to 36 touchpoints, ten fingers for the same use.

  4. Professional design 30 ° - 90 °, large elevation angle, adjustable, users can adjust to the best angle at will.

  5. Precise positioning of capacitance and resistance touch.

  6. Touch without drift, automatic correction, precise operation.

  7. Fingers and soft pens can be touched.

  8. High-density touchpoint distribution, more than 10000 touchpoints / inch².

  9. High definition, low environmental requirements, suitable for various working conditions.

  10. It has a long service life, more than 1000000 touch clicks, without keyboard, mouse, and just finger touches, to realize man-machine communication.


   Products suitable for Industry:

      Banking and other financial institutions (business query and service promotion in business sites)

      Telecommunication, Netcom and other communication places,

      Government agencies (public information release, government affairs publicity)

       The school (teaching service promotion)

       Shopping Center (shopping guide, business product query, promotion)

       Home furnishing, art store (product, design exhibition)

       Cinema (movie trailer, flower appreciation)

       Hospital (inquiry and handling of patients' business)

       Catering industry, retail industry.



Screen Panel TypeD-LEDD-LEDD-LED
Brightness (type)350 cd/㎡400 cd/㎡ 400 cd/㎡
Contrast 4000:14000:11200:1
Display Area1209.6*680.4 mm1428.5*803.5 mm 1649.66*927.94mm
Pixel (mm)(H/V)0.21 x 0.630.372x 0.3720.429 x 0.429
Display Rate16:916:916:9
Reviewing Angle178°178°178°
Colorful10bit,10.7B 10bit,10.7B 10bit,10.7B 
Response time 8ms6ms6ms
LifetimeAbove 50,000hAbove 50,000hAbove 50,000h
Touch GlassAG AG AG 
Sound System

Sound typeD/K、 B/G、 I、MD/K、 B/G、 I、MD/K、 B/G、 I、M
Android System 

Android OSAndriod 8.0 OSAndriod 8.0 OSAndriod 8..0 OS
Android CPUCPU: Dual-core A73 and dual-core A53 , 1.5GHz;  GPU: Quad-core MaliG51
Flash Nandi  EMMC32G   32G   32G   
RAM  DDR34G   4G   4G   
Input Resolution1920*1080/60HZ, 3840*2160/60HZ
Front Frame2* USB2.0-IN
Input2*HDMI,  1*VGA, 1*YPBPR, 1*AV (3.5mm jack in), 2*USB3.0,  1*TOUCH-USB,  1*RS232,  1*SD (support MAX 128GB) ,  1*RJ45,  1*WIFI 5G,   1*OPS PC SLOT 80PIN
Output1*SPDIF, 1*HDMI, 1*Earphone, 1*AV 
Front ButtonPOWER 
Touch Technology

Touch PointsInfrared 20-touch points, support 2, 6, 10, 20points
Touch MethodFinger or Pens, any objects
Calibration TechnologyInfrared magnetical sensor  
Response time -1st touch<15ms<15ms<15ms
Continous touching<8ms<8ms<8ms
Light Sensor>220dot/second>220dot/second>220dot/second
Touch interfaceUSBUSBUSB
Support OSSupport WINDOWS /LINUX /MAC  /Android
Touch objects≥Φ3mm≥Φ3mm≥Φ3mm
Touch timesabove 6000millions times at same point
Software under Andriod OS

Whiteboard AppYesYesYes
Mirror ServerOptionOptionOption
Google AppCompatiableCompatiableCompatiable
Power Supply

Rated current1.5A2.5A3A

TemperatureWorking Temperature: 0°C to 40°C ;   Storage Temperature :-20°C to 55°C; 
Humidity20%-80% RH at 40°C, non-condensing


The shell Black bezel/ Aluminum alloy frame with Oxiation drawing treatment / metal shell of backside
AccessoriesTouch Pen x2Touch Pen x2Touch Pen x2
HDMI cable (1.5M) x1HDMI cable (1.5M) x1HDMI cable (1.5M) x1
USB cable (1.5M) x 1USB touch cable (1.5M) x 1USB touch cable (1.5M) x 1
Power cable(1.8M) x 1Power cable(1.8M) x 1Power cable(1.8M) x 1
Remote control  x 1Remote control  x 1Remote control  x 1
Package Dimension1385*175*890mm1630*180*1090mm1865*220*1180mm
Net Weight39Kg±1Kg55Kg±1Kg79Kg±1Kg
Gross Weight49.5Kg±1.5Kg62.47Kg±1.5Kg85Kg±1.5Kg
Quality ComplianceCE, FCC, ROHS, ISO

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