Newly Added Dust-free Production Line for Interactive Smart Whiteboard Flat Panel Display


Congratulations ITA TOUCH FACTORY newly added dust-free workshop for interactive flat panel smart whiteboard.




With the increasing sales in domestic and foreign markets, the original production line can not meet the actual requirements, ITA Touch factory newly added 1 non-dust workshop, aging and packing production line


Currently, ITA TOUCH Factory capacity is 3000pieces of Interactive Display Smart Whiteboard ( size include: 55", 65", 75", 85"/86", 98", 110").  and Nano Blackboard Interactive Flat Panel for Classroom (75", 86" screens) 1.2m x 4.2m.



In the semi-auto aging production line, the room has a constant temperature-to-age interactive display smart boards, usually the interactive flat panel will stay in the room for 24 hours, under high-temperature and low-temperature environments. 


After aging, the interactive display screens would be placed to test the production line, the QA will double check each function both hardware and software to ensure the quality well.



All large sizes 75", 85"/86", 98", and 110" interactive flat panels will be packed by hanging packing machine, the workers just need to wait for check and install accessories, such as OPS PC, dongle put into a carton ... etc.


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