Smart interactive touch screen flat panel

Interactive Flat Panel Smat Board For Education

What is interactive flat panel ?

The interactive flat panel uses high-definition liquid crystal screen as the display and operation platform, and has the functions of writing, annotation, painting, multimedia entertainment, network conference, etc., and integrates many technologies such as human-computer interaction, flat panel display, multimedia information processing and network transmission. It is the preferred solution for office, teaching and interactive presentation of pictures and texts in the information age.


Interactive intelligent flat panel makes teaching "intelligent change"

The emergence of interactive intelligent tablet has greatly changed the teaching mode. It can not only connect computers, but also has its own system, which can be used alone. This kind of diversified interactive classroom based on interactive intelligent tablet can better meet the overall service requirements of modern education.

Since the interactive intelligent tablet is called "Flat panel", it certainly has the finger writing function of tablet. The focus of this product design is its software part. It can provide users with a variety of scientific tools, such as voltage / current meter, globe, calculator and so on. It not only saves the time of drawing, but also makes teaching more intuitive.

In the classroom with interactive intelligent tablet, teachers don't have to bring enlarged version of compasses, triangle plates and other teaching tools to the classroom. If there are corresponding electronic materials, even textbooks can not be brought. The appearance of this kind of flat plate greatly simplifies the preparation required before teaching, and also makes teaching no longer belong to "textbook", but also strides forward to "practical" teaching.

Application characteristics of interactive whiteboard

In the office, this machine integrates many conference room office equipment, such as projector, electronic whiteboard, curtain, speaker, TV, computer, etc., which not only simplifies the complexity, but also makes the meeting room environment more concise and comfortable, and does not occupy space; at the same time, the display characteristics of high definition, high brightness and high contrast solve the shortage and limitation of the traditional projector equipment which rely too much on the light in the display System. Moreover, it can realize the trans space transmission of audio, video and screen writing content on the conference site through the Internet, which perfectly interprets the remote video conference.

In teaching, its high-definition display screen solves the problem of dazzling light in front of the projector. Without blind spots, full touch and full interaction make teaching lively and interesting. The built-in massive teaching resources and intuitive images such as physics, chemistry and it greatly save teachers' drawing time and meet students' thirst for knowledge.

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Technical requirements of interactive flat panel. 

Interactive, display, TV, computer, audio integrated structure, clean appearance, no need to connect disorderly;

No acute angle safety design, smooth arc transition is adopted at the corners, fine seam joint is uniform, and high performance PC is built in (optional).

The built-in high fidelity stereo system supports the amplification of local or external multimedia signals. The surface of the screen is made of toughened ng glass, which is wear-resistant and impact resistant.

LCD technology, 65 inch high definition, large screen display; picture contrast 4000:1; brightness 500CD / m2green energy saving: can realize one key to close the screen, one key to open the screen.

There is no "blind area" in handwriting, and there will be no problem of unable operation or broken pen in each corner of the screen;

Touch can effectively identify objects less than 0.5mm (any object with opaque diameter greater than 5mm), and the handwriting is accurate and in place;

Using 8-bit LCD panel driving technology, 1073741824 colors can be displayed, which is smoother, fuller and vivid. Upgrade function: touch module and TV module are free of disassembly and upgrading, and application software can upgrade USB multimedia playback function through Internet: audio, video and pictures can be played without opening the computer, supporting 1080p high-definition signal display;

Real time response, reaction speed < 11ms, ensure no delay of operation writing;

With TV function, color system: PAL / SECAM

Realizable functions

The virtual digital blackboard of infinite size can be dragged and extended arbitrarily;

The handwriting effect of various colors and thicknesses can be selected to write and erase at will;

Handwritten content can be saved, edited, arranged, printed and distributed afterwards;

It can preview and drag multiple files, such as worod, PPT, Excel, pictures, etc., and display them on one page. It can also be marked, deployed, zoomed in, zoomed out, dragged and saved in the same format;

It can be marked and saved by hand (picture format) on the displayed PC desktop or any application software interface;

With PC desktop active image recording and playback function, the video file adopts the general streaming media file format, which is easy to distribute and use;

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