the all-in-one smart board is just a large phone/ computer

The all-in-one smart board is not just a large phone or computer, but rather a unique device that is designed specifically for collaborative and interactive activities in classroom and meeting settings.


While it shares some similarities with phones and computers, such as the ability to display images and run software applications, there are several features that set smart boards apart:


Larger size: Smart boards are much larger than phones or computers, with screen sizes ranging from 55 inches to 98 inches. This large size allows for better visibility and makes it easier for groups to collaborate.


Touch and gesture-based input: Smart boards are designed to be interacted with using touch, gestures, or stylus input. This allows for more natural and intuitive interaction and enables new forms of collaboration.


Built-in software and connectivity: Smart boards come with built-in software and connectivity options that are specifically designed for collaboration and teaching. This includes features such as whiteboarding tools, document sharing, video conferencing, and screen mirroring.

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Mounting options: Smart boards are designed to be mounted on walls or on mobile stands, making it easy to move them between classrooms or meeting rooms.


Overall, while all-in-one smart boards share some similarities with phones and computers, they are a unique device designed specifically for collaboration and teaching in group settings. The large size, touch-based input, built-in software, and mounting options make them a powerful tool for enhancing communication, productivity, and engagement.


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