The Summary of ITATOUCH Smart Board IR Flat Panel Advantages

1.  8 in 1 Smart Teaching/Conference Whiteboard

With all the functions of a tablet, computer, TV, projector, curtain, speaker, whiteboardand advertising display in just one, make everything so easy!




2.  All-in-one smart interactive flat panel makes the troublesome traditional meeting/ conference a simple paperless scene, no matter wherever you are

The smart interactive flat panel, as the core of intelligent conference equipment, together with accessories such as a writing pen and a screen mirror, integrates presentation, whiteboard writing, multi-party interaction, fast sharing and other conference scene applications, making the complex operation of traditional conference equipment a simple paperless conference scene, and easily realizing efficient, convenient and harmonious conference methods.

 Off-site office, thousands of miles meeting, face-to-face meeting, with a unique cloud conference system, can realize real-time and delay-free communication with other video terminals (computers, tablets, mobile phones).

3. Artistic strokes, writing freely

Infrared sensor recognition touch technology, provides various functions such as zooming in and out, dragging at will, erasing on the back of the hand, annotating minutes, flexible writing, etc., allowing you to experience the immersive experience of three-dimensional writing and drawing scenes, presenting inspirational essays, and making the results of meeting discussions easier and Instantly visible.

4. Meeting minutes, real-time sharing

You can save the meeting minutes and content locally with one click in real time, and take the meeting minutes and content away easily with the function of scanning the code to share with unique file processing- file encryption, collection, and compression.


5. Wireless screen transmission for easy display

Human-computer interaction experience, say goodbye to projector + whiteboard. Real-time sharing of data on computers, tablets and phones, comments at any time, flexible communication

Remote conference Multi-screen interaction can support two-way control. The smart board can be used to control the computer in reverse, and the projection device can also control the smart board for writing, annotation, and manuscripts.


6. Annotation and writing in a smooth manner

Brand-new smart whiteboard, the canvas can be zoomed and roamed arbitrarily, high-precision infrared touch panel,smooth writing, multiple people create together, annotate as you like, and creativity is instant at one touch


7. Dual systems to meet different needs

Dual system operation, WINDOWS, Android integrated design can switch in real time, install and display APP switch Android system, use WINDOWS system. Think what you think, understand what you use.


8. High-definition anti-glare glass display, clear picture quality

1920x1080 high-definition display with anti-glare glass, wide field of view brings better

Immersive experience, vivid picture



9. OPS module, more convenient maintenance

Pluggable OPS computer module, which can be pulled and separated to facilitate later computer maintenance


10. Rich interface

Rich interface applications can easily expand the conference scene to connect to the computer, display large screen, etc. without restrictions


11. High-quality configuration, stable performance.

Built-in WIFI module, powerful processor, optional i3/i5/i7 configuration


12. Multiple installation methods

Support both of wall mounted and floor stand

Please note that hollow brick and wood are not strong enough to support the weight of the all-in-one machine. Please purchase a mobile bracket!



13. New experience of intelligent teaching

Abundant teaching resources help open a new model of smart teaching

Simulation Teaching Immersive Realize online simulation experiments of physics, chemistry, biology and other subjects in the virtual laboratory.

Smart whiteboard, free to write comments

Graphical simulation generation to assist teaching, PPT, documents, and pictures can be imported and can be annotated and modified arbitrarily

Interactive teaching makes the classroom more lively and interesting


14. Dust-free workshop, excellent raw materials and technological level plus strict quality control, ensure the quality of products.

   * A dust-free workshop has been added in our factory

   * All raw materials are purchased from high-quality brand suppliers with quality assurance.

   *  All employees go through training, And can only take up their posts after passing strict examinations, and they have worked for years in our factory.

   * Every piece of our products must pass QCs' strictly checking and testing before packing.


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