5 views about the Versatility of Interactive Touch Screens and Whiteboards

When we look around us, it is inevitable that the effects of interactive technology can be seen all around us. There are advances in other technologies which has led to this phenomenal growth in the popularity of touch screens and whiteboards. As a result, there has been an explosion of digital display manufacturers. Many of them are able to provide us with high quality, interactive screens. Their products have made a presence in many aspects of our lives.



Interactive whiteboard manufacturers who produce exceptional quality products have been able to supply products to meet the enormous demand found in the education sector. We see these whiteboards in many schools, colleges, and universities. These devices have been shown to have significant advantages in the field of learning and student development.


One of the big plus points is that there is no need for chalk and pens. It is possible for students and educators to use their fingers to place information onto the whiteboard. Research has shown that this has led to more fun in education, and it has led to a heightened level of student engagement and assimilation of new concepts.


TV and Broadcasting

Interactive display panels have become everyday tools in the area of TV and live broadcasting.

Financial Reports

The presenter is able to display market trends or other important finance-related information to viewers by merely touching the screen. Often the information is presented as video clips and other exciting formats which entice the attention of individuals watching the report.

Weather Reports

Even weather reports have been transformed from being dull, dreary one direction displays. Today reporters can present these reports in new innovative ways. They have access to live area specific information. Often these are animated and makes it a more engaging experience for the viewer.


News reports have changed character with the intervention of interactive display panels. The person is able to pre-loaded video clips and can even connect with fellow reporters all over the globe by merely touching the display.


There are so many other areas of broadcasting where we see this type of technology. There is just not enough space in this article.


Corporate and IT Training

Digital display manufacturers have found this sector as an ideal place to show off their expertise. Interactive screens make it possible for corporate trainers to interact with their trainees, while the incumbents can be located at a location far from where the trainer is found. It is even possible to have the recipients seated at their own workstations.


The days that IT trainers are required to travel sometimes long distances to provide software or computer training to a client is often something of the past. It is possible for students to receive their training right at their own workstation. Even better is that the students are able to interact with their trainer in real time in some cases.


Shopping Malls

There are quite a few places where clients encounter interactive displays.

Large Advertising Boards

There are often large advertising boards. Their interactive nature makes it possible for stores and businesses to show off their wares to potential clients in new and exciting ways. It is also possible for multiple advertisers to share the same display board.


Shopping Mall Inventories

The days that you entered a new shopping mall for the first time and felt utterly disorientated is something of the past with the introduction of interactive mall layouts and inventories. It allows customers the ability to interact with the display and find their way around.


In many instances, the stores and businesses are arranged according to the type of services they offer. If you are unsure, then there is also the option to search for your destination using specific keywords. The interactive nature of the screen makes it possible to receive detailed instructions to find and place located in the mall.


Kiosks and Restaurants

These areas of the business world have also joined the revolution and have introduced many interactive devices.

Customer orders

Customers are able to place their orders by directly interacting with a digitally enhanced touch screen. It is a simple process of selecting your meal from at a digital screen. In some cases, your order will either be displayed on a screen or will be transmitted to the assistant.

A significant advantage of this kind of system is that it avoids the problems associated with who was at the counter first. Some digital screen manufacturers are able to provide systems which are capable of automatic queuing of orders as they are placed onto the system.


Dealing with Patron orders

Barristers and hosts at restaurants often have to deal with vast numbers of clients daily. This includes recording orders to keeping track with what a particular client has ordered over some time. If there are problems with the orders, patrons could receive the wrong meals, or they could be incorrectly charged for what they have had to eat.


There are many online touch screen systems which have turned this part of the industry on its head. The overall effect is that hosts and barristers are more efficient in tracking orders and delivering the correct meals and beverages. Patrons are happier in they receive what they have ordered and they are charged appropriately for the meals they have enjoyed.


In Conclusion

Interactive touch screens, display panels, and whiteboards have changed the landscape in the way many industries deal with certain activities. These phenomenal devices are able to provide content that is more engaging and which clients, patrons, employees more effective in going about their day to day activities.


This has led to many manufacturers of these devices entering this dynamic market space. Shenzen ITA Touch Technology Co, LTD is one such company. They are able to provide some digital touch screen and whiteboard solutions according to your specific requirements. They are highly professional and are able to provide solutions which are manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

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