Perfect Prices Multi Language Temperature Measurement Thermometer With Door Lock 


At present, the data of epidemic situation are gradually declining, and enterprises are gradually resuming work. In order to prevent the epidemic from spreading again, enterprises need to do a good job in prevention and control plans. Although abnormal temperature is not a necessary feature of epidemic's confirmed diagnosis, body temperature detection is still the first level of epidemic prevention and control.

What is the working principle of face recognition thermometer?

Face recognition intelligent temperature measurement system is a new combination of face recognition + body temperature detection and science and technology. It adopts thermal imaging remote temperature measurement technology + AI face recognition technology, supports human body temperature detection, temperature display, real-time voice broadcast, automatic generation of body temperature attendance record, 1 meter ultra-long distance temperature detection, detection accuracy less than 0.3 °C, second detection speed, support temperature measurement data traceability, support face recognition and comparison under the condition of wearing mask.

Advantages of face recognition thermometer

Intelligent temperature detection integrates thermal imaging temperature measurement, face intelligent detection, face recognition and other core technologies in one. It has the characteristics of non-contact fast, convenient, intuitionistic, safe and so on. It has overcome the shortcomings of traditional thermometer, forehead thermometer, point thermometer and ear thermometer, which can easily cause cross infection in individual measurement at close range, and can effectively control the spread of epidemic situation. It is very suitable for rapid temperature detection in passageways, parks and other occasions.

How can I get a face recognition thermometer?

Traditional thermometer, forehead temperature gun and other measurement tools may increase the risk of infection due to contact measurement, in order to improve the detection efficiency and safety. Shenzhen ITA Touch Technology Co.,Ltd.has the functions of non-contact temperature measurement, face recognition, attendance, access control and so on. It is widely used in schools, small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions. At present, the face recognition intelligent temperature measurement system has been put into mass production, welcome friends in need of contact. Can represent wholesale.

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