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The advantages of the first-generation interactive whiteboard are obvious, but there is still room for improvement in the interactive experience. Large touchscreen displays soon took their place and are now known as Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPDs). Based on the advantages of the first generation of interactive whiteboards, IFPD has evolved into an independent teaching tool that does not rely on external objects. It will appear on campuses around the world at an exponential growth rate, whether it is classrooms, conference rooms or lecture halls. find them.

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Just like smartphones, IFPD is also a type of scientific name based on functional morphology. Users of the digital generation have given IFPD more names based on their own experience, such as smart interactive tablet, interactive all-in-one machine, educational touch all-in-one machine... These names reflect people's cognition of IFPD from different angles experience.


IFPD is becoming more and more sophisticated on the road of product evolution, and has a broader market. In the field of education, IFPD is the standard configuration of digital campuses; in commercial space, IFPD has become a must-have choice for smart offices.

In a modern campus, IFPD is known for its flexibility and openness, and its uses are almost endless. From K12 to higher education, from classrooms to other functional spaces, the transformation of teaching and learning by interactive whiteboards is obvious. 


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