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Among the many features and benefits, the following features contribute key influences to IFPD:

o Instant access to the Internet as if using a computer to support learning objectives

o Flexible writing and annotation on the screen to highlight key learning points

o Electronic courseware and handouts, opening a paperless mobile classroom.

o Facilitated group projects and individual presentations

o Ability to collaborate on text documents, spreadsheets, design projects

o Dual-teacher classroom interaction, video conference connection

o Multi-screen interaction with mobile devices

o Open multimedia interface expansion, bringing richer scenes

IFPD is not only loved by classroom teachers and students, but also favored by campus informatization managers. Compared with complex campus digital solutions, IFPD itself is a small digital classroom solution with its rich functions and open expansion. More importantly, IFPD has unparalleled total cost of ownership (TCO) and rapid return on investment (ROL) advantages:

o Ready to use out of the box, easy and quick to install

o No need for initial configuration, debugging one by one

o Lower energy consumption

o Minimize maintenance costs

o Long service life

o Can move freely with a floor stand, organize teaching and research scenes according to changing circumstances

o Higher stability for uninterrupted classroom teaching

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With the popularity of IFPD in the field of digital campuses, more and more interactive whiteboard brands have flooded into the market in the past few years. In this context, for campuses, choosing the right information-based education solution provider has become a major investment. In the face of so many complex options, the choice seems to become increasingly difficult. The core value of interactive whiteboards is to provide the most abundant toolbox, maintain the simplest classroom form, and create a continuous and stable classroom state.


Lightweight and more flexible organization of your digital teaching environment is the design concept of today's infrared all-in-one machine. With its excellent performance, diverse teaching toolbox, high-definition remote interaction, and flexible spatial mobility, the infrared all-in-one machine can freely organize your digital classroom, interactive seminars, daily teaching, and multi-screen interaction are all its forte.


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